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  1. what country did you come from?
    khun maa jaak bpra theet arrai ka?
  2. i came from america
    di chan maa jaak a meh ri ga ka.
  3. what country did you live in previously?
    meua (falling) gawn khun yuu bpra theet arrai ka?
  4. previously, i lived in america.
    meua gawn, di chan yuu a meh ri ga ka.
  5. what country were you born in?
    khun geut ti (falling) bpra theet arrai ka?
  6. i was born in america, state of texas, city of killeen.
    di chan geut bpra theet a meh ri ga, rat (high) texas, meuang gilleen.
  7. the school is on what street?
    rong rian yuu tha non (rising) arrai ka?
  8. it's on siri mangkalajaan road, street 7.
    yuu tha non siri mangkalajaan, soi jiet or soi gan grai tawng.
  9. where is your older sister?
    pi saao (rising) khun yuu ti nai ka?
  10. she is at home.
    khao (rising) yuu ti (falling) baan ka.
  11. where is your father going?
    khun paw (falling) bpai nai ka?
  12. my father is going to work.
    khun paw bpai tham ngaan ka.
  13. where is your father's work at?
    khun paw tham ngaan ti nai ka?
  14. my father's work is near doi suthep.
    khun paw tham ngaan ti glai glai (falling) doi suthep ka.
  15. what is this?
    nii keu arrai?
  16. i can't remember
    jjam mai dai
  17. do you have siblings?
    khun mii pi nawng mai ka?
  18. are your parents doing well?
    paw mee sa bai dii mai ka?
  19. sorry to hear that.
    sia jai douay na ka.
  20. congratulations!
    dii jai douay na ka!
  21. what would you like?
    aow arrai ka?
  22. what part of korea did you come from?
    khun maa jaak phaak (f) nai (r) khawng (r) bpra theet (f) gao lii (r) ka?
  23. when did you come to work at cornerstone?
    khun maa tham ngaan thii cornerstone meua rai ka?
  24. more than 10 years ago.
    meua (f) sip gwaa bpii gawn ka.
  25. many months ago.
    laai (r) deuan gawn ka.
  26. how long have you been teaching thai?
    khun sawn (r) pa saa (r) thai naan thao (f) rai leow (h) ka?
  27. how long will you teach thai?
    khun ja sawn (r) pa saa thai naan thao (f) rai ka?
  28. i've been teaching about more than 5 years.
    sawn (r) naan bpra maan hah bpii gwaa leow (r) ka.
  29. i will teach until i get married.
    ja sawn (r) jon gwaa dteng ngaan ka.

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