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  1. What legislation in ontario manages the storage of flammable liquid?
    Ontario Fire Code Part 4 and Regulations for Industrial Establishment
  2. To store flammable liquidty or if you are are designing flammable storage area you must consider:
    design and construction of storage containers; the class of flammable liquids; the quantity to be stored; your storage location; how it will be used; ventilation; fire protection; control of ignition sources
  3. Maximum capacity of a container for flammable or combustible liquids?
    Not more than 230 litres and must conform to Transportation of dangerous goods regulation; Portable containers for gasoline and other petroleum fuels; OR Safety Containers. Containers <1 L of flammable and <5 L of combustible liquids are exempt from above
  4. The Lower the flash and boiling points, the ________ hazardous the liquid ; therefore the storage ristrictions are __________.
    • more
    • greater
  5. What type of property account for largest number of fires?
    Residential properties. In 2002 22186 fires in this category, 41% of the Canadian total.
  6. How many total fires were reported in 2002 and how many deaths and injuries at that time?
    • 54000 fires reported
    • 304 fire deaths; 2547 injuries
  7. The second largest property classification

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