Word Wisdom

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  1. promotion
    an attempt to increase sales
  2. motivate
    to encourage to act
  3. disclose
    to reveal or explain
  4. exploit
    to take advantage of
  5. clarify
    to make clear
  6. commission
    a fee that a company pays a salesperson
  7. expenditure
    an expense
  8. promptness

    the act of being on time
  9. remittance
    a payment or money that someone sends
  10. inflation
    a rise in the general level of prices for goods and services
  11. mission
    a person's goal
  12. remiss
    calreless in doing one's job or duty
  13. stipend
    a fixed and regular salary

    allowence or payment
  14. promissory
    making or containing a promise
  15. pre-empt
    1.to take the place of, or have importance over

    2. to get or take for one's self before others
  16. pension
    a sum of money paid regularly by a company as payment to one that is retired or disabled
  17. compensation
    something given or received as payment for work done or injury
  18. exempt
    freed from having to do something
  19. redeemable
    able to be exchanged for money or products
  20. peremptory
    not to be disobeyed
  21. destitute
    very poor
  22. colleague
    a person who works with others
  23. fiscal
    having to do with money matters and finances of government
  24. mortgage
    1.N) a loan in which a pledge of property is given as a guarantee of repayment

    2.V)to pledge property as guarantee that loan will be repaid
  25. default
    to fail to repay debt or obligation

    failure to do as expected
  26. collateral
    something of value given to lender as guarantee
  27. investment
    something that is bought to earn money

    the act of buying something to earn money
  28. opulence
    great riches or wealth
  29. appreciate
    to rise in value or price

    to understand the worth, value, or quality of something
  30. depreciate
    to lose value or drop in price
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