romance test/medieval period

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  1. medieval period years
  2. who was king edward? nickname?
    last of the anglo saxon king; no hier so he promises it to the cousin will duke of normandy.
  3. king harold
    seizes power; leader in anglo saxon military
  4. william duke of normandy
    claims he was promised the throne
  5. battle of hastings
    harold is killed leaving AS military without a leader. this gave control to will duke of normandy.
  6. wars of the roses..year?
  7. what was the wars of the roses?
    series of civil wars or battles between the yorks nad lancasters.
  8. who wins the final battle of the wars of roses?
    henry tutor
  9. who forms the tudor line of english kings?
    henry VII
  10. the initial conquest
    the battle of hastings and brital takeover
  11. implementation of the feudal system
    oath of loyalty; divine right of kings-they claimed to to talk to God; hierarchy with God at the top(God,king, vassals, serfs)
  12. doomsday book
    inventory; done for the purpose of taxation; final thing in order for the normans to take control
  13. historical events; crusades
    failure; exposed the english to new ideas
  14. who murdered thomas beck?
    henry II
  15. black death-1300s
    attacks the body and nervous system; wiped out the serfs; middle class became the serfs
  16. hundred years war
    between the french and english;
  17. printing press
    william caxton; produced the first edition of the cantebury tales.
  18. ballad
    popular among lower class; handed down orally; common topics
  19. drama
    performed by traveling groups; miracle play-biblical; morality play-provided insight in life- allegorical
  20. eleanor of aquitaine
    introduced the medieval romance; wife of henry II
  21. medieval romance
    brought new ideas into english social stucture; chivalry; quest; courtly love; lamonde de lamour; roman de rose
  22. romance characteristics
    hero more human; deeds not as epic; more magic less monstrous; description of weapons; reflects values fo society; love interest for the hero; arthurian legend
  23. uther
    arthurs father
  24. igraine
    arthurs mother
  25. guenevere
    arthurs wife
  26. galahad
    comitted suicide; lancelots son; achieves the holy grail
  27. morgan le fay
    mother to mordrid; half sister to arthur
  28. lucan
    bediveres brother; died by guts falling out on the ground
  29. bedivere
    was asked to take the sword back to the lady in the lake
  30. lady of the lake
    nimue; gives a sword then asked for it back
  31. lord bertilak
    the green knight; tricked gawain
  32. lady bertilak
    seduced gawain
  33. excalibur
  34. avalon
    where arthur goes to heal his wounds; symolic to heaven.
  35. chivalry
    manners; code of conduct
  36. courtly love
  37. allegory
    story with two meanings
  38. green girdle
    sash that protects you
  39. quest
    knightly adventure
  40. bob and wheel
    verse form of the pearl poet;
  41. caxtons preface
    brings printing press in
  42. nennius
    factual side; first person to say that arthur lived
  43. geoffrey of monmouth
    says that arthur is partially real
  44. wace
    added the round table
  45. pearl to pea
    pearl-sir gawain; pea- other knights
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