Endocrine 2

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  1. Teaching for Diabetes Insupitus
    Self managment, close followup of labs.
  2. What does SIADH stand for
    Syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone - too much of it.
  3. SIADH diagnostic studies
    increased Urine Na+ and specific gravity (SG)

    decreased Serum Na+ severe problem under 120, decreased serum osmolatiy, decreased urea nitrogen, decreased H/H, decreased urine output
  4. SIADH coolaborative interventions
    • Fluid restrictions 800-100mL/day
    • replace sodium po or administer hypertonic saline 3%-5% for severe hyponatremia Na less than 120 mEq/L to prevent brain damage seizure precautions- lower salt levels, oral care
  5. SIADH assessment
    S/s of hyponatremia, neurologic function decreased, N,V, muscle cramping, weakness, HA, confusion, seizures, decreased function of brain.
  6. SIADH interventions, drugs, teaching, and mngt of complications
    • Drug: lasix, demeclocycline, lithium (interefers with ADH)
    • Mngt of Complications: HOB 10 degrees.
    • Teaching: Fluid and electrolyte imbalances, S/s Na K orally-irritating take with food.
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