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Micro T2,L 23,24,25 Viral respiratory tract infections.txt
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Micro T2 23 24 25 Viral respiratory tract infections

Micro T2,L 23,24,25 Viral respiratory tract infections
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  1. What are the the three types of orthomyxovirus and which is most potent?
    • A,B,C
    • A is worse!!!
  2. Exampel of orthomyxovirus that causes influenza??
  3. Why is Type A orthomyxovirus (influenza) so dangerous?
    It can easily and frequenlty change genome
  4. What are the two methods utilized by Type A influenza to change genome?
    • antigenic drift: pt mutations of H or N proteins = vaccinations
    • antigenic shift: complete genome recombination of H & N proteins = pandemic
  5. What is the incubation period and persistent period of influenza
    • Incubation: 1-2 days
    • Persistence: 1 wk
  6. When is the flu dangerous?
    After it has left and another fever comes on. That is a sign of another infection.
  7. What bacteria take advantage of the immunocompromised state of a person w/ influenza?
    • S. pneumoniae
    • S. aureus
    • H. influenza type B (HiB)
  8. What two complications arise as a result of Influenza?
    • Reyes syndrome
    • Guillain-Barre syndrome
  9. What is Reyes syndrome? What age affected? Cause?
    • edematous encephalitis
    • Fatty alteration of liver
    • Age: 6 mo. -15 yr
    • cause: Influenza A/B
  10. What is the effect of Aspirin combined with chicken pox?
    Reyes syndrome
  11. What is Guillain-Barre syndrome?
    de-myelination of peripheral nerves
  12. T/f Influenza is a nosocomial infection?
  13. Function of Amantadine & Rimantadine?
    • Antibiotic treatment for Influenza Type A
    • - M2 protein inhibitor
    • - Stops uncoating/penetration
  14. Function of Zanamivir & Oseltamivir?
    • Influenza A & B ab
    • block neuraminidase
    • prevent sialic acid cleavage
  15. How long does a doctor have to administer a drug against influenza?
    48 hours
  16. What are the three components of an influenza vaccine?
    two A's and one B
  17. Three forms of influenza vaccine?
    • 1) Whole
    • 2) Split
    • 3) surface antigen
  18. T/F FluMist (live attenuated) should not be given to immunocompromised or old people?
  19. What year saw the highest death rate in young adults due to the flu?