Black cavity classes

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  1. Cavity Classification
    • In the last quarter of the 19thcentury, a cavity classification system was developed by G.V. Black. This has been the classification used to this day.
    • The following is a description of this system of classification.
  2. Class I
    • All pit and fissure cavities
    • Occlusal surfaces of premolars, molars, and linguals pits of incisors
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  3. Class II
    • Cavities on the proximal surfaces of premolars and molars
    • Posterior, interproximal, smooth surface decay
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  4. Class III
    • Cavities on the proximal surfaces of incisors and canines, that do not involve the incisal edge.
    • Anterior interproximal smooth surface decay
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  5. Class IV
    • Cavities on the proximal surfaces of incisors and canines, that do involve the incisal edge
    • Decay related, also resulting from traumatic fractures (skateboard injuries, etc.)
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  6. Class V
    • Cavities on the gingival third of the facial or lingual surfaces of all teeth
    • Smooth surface decay, near gum line, initiating in enamel
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  7. Class VI
    • Cavities on the incisal edges of anterior teeth or on the cusp tips of posterior teeth ( this is not a G.V. Black classification).
    • Decay may start in developmental defects
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  8. Types of Cavities
    • All crowns of teeth have 5 surfaces you can see or get to. They are Mesial, Distal, Occlusal/Incisal, Facial and Lingual.
    • If we were to name a specific cavity preparation, then we would use the first letter of the surfaces it involved.
    • For example, a class II cavity involving the Mesial and Occlusal surfaces would be called an MO.
    • A class III cavity on the Mesial and the Lingual surface would be called an MI.
    • Now you need to use the number of the tooth to correctly place the cavity. For example, if we had a class II lesion on the mesial of the maxillary right 2nd premolar, we would say MO on number 4.
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