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  1. How many lancefield groups ID'd for Streptococcus?
    6: A,B,C,D,F,G
  2. Another name for S. pyogenes?
    Group A strep
  3. What is PYR? Which bacteria is + for PYR?
    • PYR:color determinant
    • bacteria: S. pyogenes
  4. Name the three pathogenetic mechanisms and their infections to S. pyogenes?
    • 1) Pyogenic inflammation: pharyngitis
    • 2) Toxin-mediated: Scarlet fever (SpeA if lysed)
    • 3) Immunologic:
    • - Rheumatic Fever (ARF class I-M disease)
    • - Acute glomerular nephritis (AGN)
  5. T/F Pyogenic inflammation is self-limiting?
    Y, pharyngitis
  6. Thomson sign is a sign of what disease? What is it?
    • infection: scarlet fever
    • What:pastia lines, petechial lesions on flexor folds
  7. What infection appears w/ desquamation, cirumoral pallor (around mouth), strawberry tongue?
    Scarlet fever
  8. What type of hypersensitivity rxn is ARF?
    Type II - cytotoxic, IgG, IgM mediated
  9. What infection is caused by cross linking w/ M proteins of S. pyogenes?
  10. How long does it take after a pharyngitis infection for ARF to appear?
    1-4 wks after GABHS pharyngitis
  11. name the 5 major manifestations of Jones criteria for ARF?
    • Pancarditis
    • chorea
    • erhythema
    • SC nodules
    • arthritis
  12. name the 4 minor manifestations of Jones critera for ARF?
    • Fever
    • arthralgia
    • Acute phase proteins
    • lengthened PR interval
  13. What is present in the myocardium of a pt w/ ARF?
    Aschoff bodies
  14. what side of the heart is damaged w/ ARF?
    L, aortic and mitral valves
  15. What drug is used to protect the heart from ARF?
    Prophylactic penicillin
  16. What hypersensitivity rxn is AGN?
    Type III, arthus, ab-ag (immune complex)
  17. What is the sequelae of AGN?
    • immune complexes deposited
    • complement against complexes destroys kidneys
  18. Three common signs of AGN?
    • Puffy face
    • Hematuria
    • Hypervolemia
  19. Two tests to screen for S. pyogenes?
    • RADT: Rapid antigen detection test
    • - test for A antigen form of C carbohydrate
    • - high sensitivity = few false negatives
    • Swab: confirm on BAP plate
    • - B-hemolysis = positive test
    • - high specificity = few false positives
  20. When using a BAP plate to ID S. pyogenes, what is the bacterial dot placed that can inhibit growth?
    BacitrAcin (inhibits gAs)
  21. DOC for GAS
    Penicillin VK: b-lactamase, acid resistant
  22. What drug is used against S. pyogenes if macrolide resistance is present
  23. T/F There is no vaccine available for S. pyogenes
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