Chapter 5 Exam

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  1. At the end of the French and Indian War
    Britain faced considerable challenges in administering the empire
  2. After 1763, which of the following nations had a stronger presence in North American
  3. The Proclamation of 1763 was issued in response to
    Pontiac's War
  4. Which of the following issues generated the most strain on the relationship between Britain and the American colonies
  5. At the close of the French and Indian War,
    American colonists paid a lower percentage of their income in taxes then did residents of England
  6. The Stamp Act
    was taxation without representation, according to the colonists
  7. When it went into effect, the Stamp Act
    was condemned and denounced
  8. The Sons of Liberty were made up of
    all ranks of society
  9. Along with the repeal of the Stamp Act, Britain
    passed the Declaratory act
  10. When the New York legistlature did not comply with the Quartering Act of 1765,
    Parliament passed an act suspending the legislature
  11. The Boston Massacre
    was the result of increasing friciton between townspeeople and British troops stationed in the city
  12. Whic 1773 law reignited colonial protest after seeral years of relative calm
    Tea Act of 1773
  13. Which of the following was not a response to the Stamp Act
  14. The law that provoked the Boston Tea Party
    actually lowered the price of tea
  15. The Intolerable Acts
    placed severe restrictions on local government in Massachusetts
  16. On March 5, 1770, Britsh troops fired o American civillans in Boston, an incident that came to be known as
    the Boston Massacre
  17. The Quebec Act
    was said to have alarmed all Protestants in the colonies
  18. Americans throughout the colonies thought the Intolerable Acts were so threatening that they
    organized the First Continental Congress to respond to them
  19. With the Continental Association, most colonists
    were still not ready for independence
  20. The Suffolk Resolves
    called for taxes to be paid to the Provincial Congress
  21. In the winter of 1774-1775, the colonists
    had rebelled but not launched a revolution
  22. Wich of the following events occured first
    George III becomes king
  23. Between 1759 and 171, the British battled the ____ in the southern Appalachian highlands
  24. The leaders of the Sons of Liberty came mostly from the
    middle and upper classes
  25. The Townshend duties were designed to pay
    the costs of colonial administration
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