Chapter 6 Post Test

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  1. Approximately what percentage of American colonists remained loyal to Britain during the Revolutionary War
  2. What was the purpose of the Olive Brach Petiton
    to ask the King to protect colonists form military actions ordered by Parliament
  3. The French American alliance
    all of the above
  4. Acording to the textbook, why was it significant that George Rogers Clark caputred three British settlements in the Missisippi Valley
    It strengthened American claims to the West at the end of the war
  5. A significant clause of the Peace of Paris guaranteed
    fishing rights of eastern Canada
  6. Britains' fatal mistakes in the Revolutionary War included all of the following except
    failure to effectively use their Indian allies in the South
  7. The delgates to the Massacusetts legislature responded to General Gage's order to dissolve it by
    assembling anyway, calling temselves the Provincial Congress
  8. Which of the following was not a function performed by the Second Continental Congress
    imposing taxes
  9. Whic of the following statements is not part of the opening assumption of the Declaration of Independence
    Monarchies are, by definition, tyrannical
  10. According to the texbook, why did the Howes hestae to crush Washington's army after driving them out of Manhattan
    They were commissioned to seek peace and wage war
  11. Which of the following best describes women's roles in the army
    They performed necessary support functions
  12. During the Revolutionary War, most Indian nations sided with
    the British
  13. According to the textbook, why did success elude Burgoynes's army after the triumph at Fort Ticonderoga
    Trees felled by American axmen, disrupted their progress
  14. Starting in 1778, the British southern strategy emphasized
    the mobilization of Loyalist support in the South
  15. The British surrender at which battle marked the final military showdown of the Revolutionary War
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