lymphatic system function

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  1. what is the function of the lymphatic system?
    • -fluid balance
    • -absorption of dietary lipids from digestive tract
    • -defense
  2. most tissues contain lympatic vessels except?
    • -nervous tissue
    • -bone marrow
    • -cartilage
  3. what is the two ways flow is ensured by the lymphatic system?
    • -skeletal muscle action
    • -respiratory pump action
    • (same as veins)
  4. lymph capillaries lack what structure?
    a basement membrane
  5. lymph noded are responsible for?
    • -filtering the lymph
    • -connecting in series
  6. lymphatic organs contain?
    • lymphocytes
    • macrophages
    • dendritic cells
    • reticular cells
  7. reticulocytes secreate?
    reticualar fibers
  8. -most lymphatic cells attach to these fibers
    -these fibers also help filter lymph and blood
    reticular fibers
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