Vocabulary 09/26/2011

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  1. emit
    – to make or produce
  2. malodorous
    – having an unpleasant or offensive odor
  3. untarnished
    – not diminishing or destroying the purity of; not spoiled
  4. reputation
    – the standards in which something is held by the community; having a good name
  5. tendency
    – a natural disposition to move in a certain direction
  6. hoisted
    – lifted up; to lift something up
  7. plumage
    - feathers
  8. accommodate
    – to have or make room for
  9. quintuple
    – being five times as great or as many
  10. sensation
    – a state of excited feeling or interest
  11. fashionable
    – stylish or popular
  12. commotion
    – noisy disturbance
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