Bases and liners

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  1. What are we trying to protect the pulp from?
    • Chemical irritation
    • Biologic (bacteria & saliva)
    • Thermal changes
    • Electrical protection
    • Mechanical Injury
  2. Define a Palliative
    • Soothing effect on a tooth
    • Relieves pain
    • Not a cure
  3. Glass Ionomer cement is best suited for what cavity classification?
    • Class V (along gum lines)
    • Class III (doesn't polish well)
  4. Which cement will cobweb when working time has expired?
  5. Enamel is etched with what type of acid?
    Phosphoric acid
  6. What cavity classification require a matrix?
    • Class II- Posterior-toffelmire #19DO
    • Class III- Anterior- strip wedge #9M
    • Class IV #9 MI
  7. What is the purpose of the matrix?
    • Restore the natural contours of the tooth
    • Replace the missing tooth wall
    • Prevent excess material from creating an overhang
  8. Restorative materials are held in place by what type of retention?
  9. Which two cements use chemical bonding for retention?
    • Glass Ionomer
    • Polycarboxylate
  10. Which cement contains fluoride?
    Glass Ionomer
  11. Which cement is very acidic?
    Zinc phosphate
  12. Define Luting
    To cement
  13. What is the purpose of a cavity liner?
    Protect the pulp from any type of irritation.
  14. On what tooth structure is calcium hydroxide placed?
  15. What does an insulating base do?
    • 1.Protect the pulp from thermal changes
    • 2.Chemical Irritation
    • 3.Electrical
    • 4.Mechanical
  16. List three characteristic of calcium hydroxide
    • Protects the pulp from chemical irritation Produces reparative dentin
    • Compatible with all restorative material
    • Antibacterial properties
  17. What is the main ingredient in varnish ?
    Resin-Organic solvents
  18. What type of restoration is varnish compatible with?
    • Amalgam
    • NOT composite
  19. What effect does eugenol have on the pulp?
    Soothing to the Pulp
  20. What is the order that cement is placed in the cavity preparation?
    Liner, Base
  21. What is the purpose of a sedative dressing?
    Calms & Restores the tooth until a permanent filling can be done
  22. What is a universal varnish?
    A varnish that does not have organic solvents in it and can be used under any restoration
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