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  1. T/F MAC can grow intracellularly like TB?
  2. T/F MAC cannot be killed by disinfection/chlorination?
    T, resistant to both
  3. After macrophage infection, where do MAC pulmonary infections go?
    Submucosa to Lymphatics
  4. Three forms of MAC?
    • Pulmonary (PMAC)
    • Dissimenated (DMAC)
    • Lymphadenitis
  5. What is fibrocavitary disease?
    • MAC disease of upper lobe
    • common in male smokers
  6. What is fibronodular disease?
    • fastidious, female smoker
    • >50
    • lingual or middle lobe infected
    • "Lady Windermere's disease"
  7. Common age group for Lymphadenitis?
    1-4 yrs
  8. what is the most common MAC disease? symptoms?
    • DMAC: AIDS patients
    • upper right quadrant
    • diarrhea
  9. T/F granulomas can easily contain MAC diseases?
    F, therefore hematogenous spread occurs (liver, bone marrow, spleen = blood bound)
  10. What is HAART?
    Highly active antiretroviral therapy (used for AIDS patients to increase CD4)
  11. Diff in reporting MAC vs. MTB?
    • MAC = no report unless AIDS related
    • MTB = always report
  12. Three treatment methods for MAC?
    • Combination therapy
    • Surgery
    • Chemoprophylactic
  13. What is the combination therapy for MAC?
    Macrolides + Ethambutol + Rifampin
  14. What is the target CD4 level during treatment?
    > 100 cell/microliter
  15. What is the main method of spread for Nocardia?
    Aerosolization (wind, dust, etc...)
  16. T/F Nocardia can become a Nosocomial infection?
  17. T/F Nocardia is opportunistic
  18. What two diseases are most susceptible to Nocardia?
    • T-cell deficiency
    • Chronic pulmonary disease
  19. What are the three dangerous signs of Nocardia?
    • Cavitation
    • Spread to pleura
    • Brain abscess
  20. DOC for Nocardia infectino?
  21. Order of treatment?
    IV then oral
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