Rehab Techniques

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  1. Involuntary stereotypic motor response to a specific stimulus.
  2. - Reflex that apperas during gestation or at birth and becomes integrated by about six months of age.
    - Neural circuit is at the spinal cord or brain stem level.
    Primitive reflex
  3. A reflex that aides the infant in extending the arm and hand to contact the support surface and contributes to eye-hand coordination.
    ATNR - Assymetrical tonic neck reflex
  4. A reflex that gives the infant the first experience of moving the arms away from the body and expanding the lungs.
    Moro reflex
  5. - Postural responses that begin to appear in infancy or childhood as a child develops balance in various positions.
    - These remain throughout life.
  6. - Help keep the head oriented in relation to the body.
    - Adjusts body part to vertical.
    Righting reactions
  7. - Body's accomodation to changes in the center of gravity.
    - Reactions seen in the head, trunk, and extremities.
    - Allows function in upright position with hands free and develops into mature weight shifts.
    Equilibrium reactions
  8. - Allow the infant to use the extremities to protect from falls by weight bearing on them.
    - Will develop with child in prone, supine, sitting, and standing as the child gains these postures.
    Protective reactions
  9. - Touch the cheek
    - Turning head to same side with mouth open
    - 28 weeks gestation to 3 months
    Rooting reflex
  10. - Place finger in infants mouth
    - Strong rhythmical sucking movements
    - 28 weeks gestation to 3 months
    Sucking reflex
  11. - Head dropping into extension suddenly
    - Arms abduct with fingers open, then cross the trunk into adduction; cry
    - 28 weeks gestation to 5 months
    Moro reflex
  12. - Pressure in palm, ulnar side
    - Flexion of fingers with firm grip
    - birth to 4 months
    Palmar grasp reflex
  13. - Pressure to base of toes
    - Toe flexion
    - 28 weeks gestation to 9 months
    Plantar grasp reflex
  14. - Weight placed on balls of feet when upright
    - stiffening of legs and trunk into extension
    - 35 weeks gestation to 2 months
    Positive support reflex
  15. - Supported upright with soles of feet on firm surface
    - Reciprocal flexion/extension of legs
    - 38 weeks gestation to 2 months
    Walking (stepping) reflex
  16. - Head turned to one side
    - Arm/leg on face side extended
    - Birth to 6 months
    ATNR - Assymetrical tonic neck reflex
  17. - Position of labyrinth in inner ear - reflected in head position
    - Head toward supine results in body and extremities extended; head toward prone results in body and extremities flexed
    - Birth to 6 months
    Tonic labyrinthine reflex
  18. - Head position as stimulated by movement of neck
    - Neck flexes, arms flex and legs extend; neck extends and legs flex
    - 6 - 8 months
    STNR - Symmetrical tonic neck reflex
  19. - Supine with head in mid-position and legs extended - stimulate sole
    - Uncontrolled flexion of stimulated leg
    - Birth to 2 months
    Flexor withdrawal reflex
  20. - Supine with head in mid-postion and one leg extended, opposite leg flexed - stimulated sole of flexed leg
    - Uncontrolled extension of stimulated leg
    - Birth to 28 months
    Extensor thrust reflex
  21. - Supine with head in mid-position, one leg flexed and opposite leg extended - flex extended leg
    - Opposite leg will extend
    - Birth to 2 months
    Crossed extension reflex
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