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  1. What does zoonotic mean?
    transferrable from animals to humans
  2. Name the three zoonotic atypical bacteria?
    • C. psittaci
    • F. tularensis
    • C. burnetti
  3. Largest mode of transportation for zoonotic bacteria?
  4. What is Psittacosis?
    Sever infection w/ C. psittaci
  5. Signs and symptoms of Psittacosis?
    • high fever
    • hepatosplenomegaly
    • jaundice
    • dissemination & chronic inflammation
    • cyanosis & anoxia
  6. What test is definitive of C. psittaci?
  7. DOC for C. psittaci?
    Doxycycline (like other chalmydial infections)
  8. What is Tularemia?
    disease of F. tularensis
  9. Signs and symptoms of Tularemia (rabbit fever)?
    • necrotizing granulomas
    • lobar pneumonia
    • Bronchopneumonia
    • bronchitis
    • tracheitis
    • bacteremia
  10. Where in the body does F. tularensis replicate?
  11. What should be the titer and common test for F. tularensis?
    • Titer >160
    • test: DFA (fluorescence)
  12. DOc for F. turalensis
  13. T/F the live attenuated vaccine will not prevent Tularemia?
  14. What are the two forms of C. burnetii?
    • SCV (small cell variant): infectious, Category B
    • LCV (large cell variant): obligate intracellular, live in phagolysosome
  15. Most common disease caused by C. burnetii?
  16. Acute Q-fever signs and symptoms?
    • high fever
    • horrible HAs
    • granulomas
    • possible hepatitis
  17. chronic Q-fever signs and symptoms?
    • more than 6 months
    • Subacute endocarditis on artificial or damaged valve
  18. Common serological test for C. burnetii?
    • IFA
    • Acute: IgM to phase I & II ags, IgG to phase II ags
    • Chronic: increased IgG/IgA to phase I ags, decline to Phase II ags
  19. DOC for C. burnetii
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