NS132 Intro to Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing

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  1. What is Mental Health?
    • A sence of harmony and balance for an individual, family, friends and community.
    • Life long
  2. Values & Belifs underpinning mental health nursing
    • Accepting each client as a whole person developing mutual trust
    • Exploring behaviours and emotions
    • Encouraging responsibility
    • Encouraging effective adaptation
    • Providing consistency
  3. Hildegard Peplau (1909-1999) theories on Psychodynamic Nursing
    • Counselling Role - working with thepatient on current problems
    • Leadership Role - working with the patient democratically
    • Surrogate Role - figuratively standing in for a person in the patient's life
    • Stranger - accepting the patient objectively
    • Resource Person - interpreting the plan to the patient
    • Teaching Role - offering information and helping the patient learn
  4. The Tidal Model
    • A philosophical approach to the discovery of mental health, focused on helping people recover their personal story, as a first step towards reclaiming control over their lives.
    • Recognises the need to provide meaningful support for the person - on many levels- to allow the person to develop their understanding of what is happening, and what has happened to them.
  5. The 10 essence’s of the value base of the Tidal Model.
    • Value the Voice
    • Respect the language
    • Develop genuine curiosity
    • Become the apprentice
    • Reveal personal wisdom
    • Be Transparent
    • Use the available toolkit
    • Craft the step beyond
    • Give the gift of time
    • Know that change is constant
  6. Peplau Interpersonal Relations Model
    • Based on psycodynamic nursing using an understanding of ones own behaviour to help others identify their difficulties
    • Applies principles of human relations
    • Patient have a felt need
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