Psyc miderm practice

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  1. psychology's four goals
    • describe
    • explain
    • predict
    • control
  2. Structuralism
    focused on basic elements of the brain
  3. Functionalism
    how the mind allows people to adapt, live, work, and play
  4. Gestalt psychology
    • sum is greater than parts.
    • learning, memory, thought processes, and problem solving
  5. Psychoanalysis
    • Frued
    • early childhood experiences
  6. Behaviourism
    • must be directly seen and measured
    • little albert
  7. psychodynamic perspective
    non sexual version of psychoanalysis
  8. behavioral perspective
    • behavioralism
    • must be seen and mesured directly
  9. humanistic perspective
    • freewill
    • emphisize human potential
  10. cognitive perspective
    memory, intellegence,preception, problem solving, and learning
  11. sociocultural perspective
    relationship between social behaviour and culture
  12. biopsycological perspective
    • associates human and animal activities to biological events in the body
    • genetic influences, hormones, and nervous system activity
  13. evolutionary perspective
    focus's on biological bases on universally share human characteristics
  14. psychiatrist
    medical doctor focused on diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders
  15. psychoanalyst
    Fruedian Psycologist or Psychiatrist
  16. psyciatric social worker
    sosial worker with training on therapy that focuses on environmental conditions
  17. Psychologist
    has a degree and specialized training in a area of psychology
  18. Scientific
    • Perceiving the question
    • Forming a hypothesis
    • Testing the hypothesis
    • Drawing conclusion
    • Report, revise and replicate
  19. naturalistic observation
    watchin in natural setting
  20. observer bias
    tendency of observers to see what they expect to see
  21. labratory observation
    observation in a controled environment
  22. case study
    study one individual to great detail
  23. surveys
    asking a series of questions related to the study
  24. correlation
    • mesuring the relationship between variables
    • 1 to -1
    • 1 positivly related
    • 0 not related
    • -1 negativly related
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