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  1. what are the three anatomical and finctional sub divisions?
    • Central nervous system : brain and spinal cord
    • Peripheral nervous system: 12 pairs cranial nerves and 31 pairs spinal nerves . relay info between body and brain
    • efferent-brain to body
    • afferent-muscles, skin to brain
    • autonomic nervous system: automatically control body temp, blood pressure, heart rate
  2. male brain is heavier than female brain from birth (T/F)
  3. list parts of the brain from most conscious to least conscious:
    • cortical
    • limbic
    • midbrain
    • brain stem
  4. what does the cerebrum include?
    • (75% total weight)- include cerebral cortex and white amtter that connect limbic, midbrain and brain stem
    • hippocampus-create memories
    • amgydala- create and regulate emotions
    • anterior cingulate gyrus- inside of each hemisphere
    • center of consciousness
  5. what are the 4 main lobes and their functions?
    • frontal-voluntary motor activity, speaking ability and elaboration of thought
    • parietal-recieveing and processing sensory input
    • occipital (visual cortex/striate cortex)-initiating process of visual output
    • temporal-sound sensation
  6. what is the cerebrum responsible for?
    • conscious sensation
    • perception
    • attention
    • focus
    • concentration
    • working memory
    • planning
    • decision making
    • problem solving
    • abstract thought
  7. what links the left and right hemispheres?
    corpus callosum
  8. what are deep folds of brain called?
    • gyrus- bulge of tissue on cortex
    • sulcus- valley or groove in brain surface
    • these enhance surface area of brain
  9. if you flattened out you cerebral cortex what would your surface area be?
    2sq. m
  10. what area of brain is used for unconscious actions?
    parietal regions
  11. what part of brain is used for conscious actions?
    motor area and pre frontal cortex

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