day 2 psych defining

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day 2 psych defining
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day 2 psych
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  1. Basic research
    focuses on description, explanation, and prediction
  2. Applied research
    focuses on the last one in psychology, Change.
  3. (Scientific method 1/6) Literary review
    rsearching method to further comprehend what your trying to know about.
  4. (Scientific method 2/6) Create a hypothesis
    an educated guess. Short prediction of how one variable causes an effect to another variable.
  5. (Scientific method 3/6) Research method
    Experimental- identify cause and effect

    Description- Observe, collect, and record data

    Correlational- identify relationships asses how one variable predicts the other.

    Biological-identifying biological contributing factors.
  6. (Scientific Method 4/6) Statistical analysis
    stats used to evaluate data/ outcome. Use metananalysis if needed
  7. (Scientific method 5/6) Peer review
    Let someone else read it and revise it.
  8. (Scientific method 6/6) Take results and create a new theory
  9. *Experimental research
    a scientific procedure that determines whther variables manipulated by the experimentor have casual effects on other variables
  10. (Experimental 1/7) Independent variable
    variable that is manipulated to determine its casual effect on a dependent variable

    "VIOLENT TV SHOWS causes aggression"
  11. (experimental 2/7) Dependent variable
    variable that is being measured it is affected by independent variable

    "violent t.v shows causes AGGRESSION"
  12. (experimental 3/7) Extraneous variable
    extra stuff stays the same.
  13. (experimental 4/7) Control group
    group of people in which they do not get nothing of what they are experimenting

    "gets apple juice instead of alcohol"
  14. (Experimental 5/7) Random sample
    get a diversified group to support your conclusion
  15. (experimental 6/7) Single blind study
    One person is the experiment, the other is not
  16. (experimental 7/7) double blind study
    both of the participants do not know.