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  1. assuage
    to satisfy/appease;to make less severe
  2. apothecary
    a person who has been trained in the preparation of drugs and medicinde, a pharmicist
  3. dictum
    a popular saying; maxium (a belief that is expressed with a well known saying
  4. chattel
    an artical of personal property that moved on transfrerred from place to place
  5. taciturn
    habitually silent/uncommunitive
  6. talcum
    a perfumed powder used on skin, made from talc
  7. spittoon
    a bowl shaped receptacle for spitting into
  8. tyrannical
    of or characteristic of a tyrant( a ruler who excersices power in a harsh, cruel manner)
  9. entity
    something that exists and may be distinguished from other things(seperate entity)
  10. collard
    a leafy cabbage like vegtable
  11. repertoire
    a list of somethingthat a company,actor, singer is ready to perform
  12. vapid
  13. malevolent
    wishing evil or harm to another or others
  14. foray
    a guick sudden attak
  15. literate
    able to read and write
  16. soujourm
    to reside temporarily, to stay for a time
  17. erratic
    irregular or uneven in quality or progress
  18. iniguity
    • wickedness;evil
    • an immoral acts;a sin
  19. furor
    a noisy outburst of anger;disappointment, enthusiasm, etc in a crowd;uproar
  20. contentious
    inclined to argue ;quarrelsome
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