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  1. Who was destned to lead the last great invasion of england
    Duke william
  2. Where was the battle of hastings fought
  3. What is the Domesday book
    records of land holdings
  4. What is a tithe
    A tax of tenth your income
  5. What unit of government did william establish
  6. What happened to the old english after the norman invasion
    it was no longer writen and became intermingaled with the norman french
  7. What is a romance language
    comes from latin
  8. Name six major institutions that unified the middle ages
    feudalism, chivalry, church, cruisades, gothic archetecture, and guildes
  9. What was the name of the land a person held under the king
    a feif
  10. Name the principal classes of people in medieval england
    lords; clergy; peasantry, free or bound.
  11. What three things did chivalry train a man for
    Reverance of women, service to the church, allegiance to the king
  12. What training began at seven
    page(music and polite maners
  13. At fourteen, what job did a trainee take
  14. At what age did a man become a knight
  15. What problems existed in castles
    Drafty, Inadequatly heated, No windows
  16. What was the most popular amusement of the age
  17. What is "the excluding of anybody from the church, from spiritual things, and from the love of god"
  18. Who led the third crusade
    king of england, richard I (lion hearted)
  19. Name four beneficial results of the crusades
    Stimulation of commerse, developing of european cities,
  20. What is englands greatest architectural glory
  21. What style of architecture used the pointed arch and slender columns
    gothic styles
  22. What were "miracle" play?
    dealth with stories from the bible
  23. What are "pageants"
    A group of people who would present a section of a play
  24. What are morality plays
    Plays dealing with good and evil
  25. What was the main purpose of a craft guild
    trained women and assured a good product
  26. What terrible epidemic ravaged england in medieval times
  27. What was the most famous single event in hery II's reign
    the murder of thomas becket
  28. What two important steps mark the gradual growth of justice in liberty during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries
    The birth of english common law, and the signing of the Magna Carta
  29. What significant meeting did simon demonfort call in 1265
    the first parlement
  30. What two universities were founded in the middle aes
    oxford and cambridge
  31. What country did edward I counquer
  32. WHat king began the hundred years war with france
    edward III
  33. who led the peasants revolt against richard II
    wat tyler
  34. What two kings completed the war with france
    Henry IV & V
  35. What french heroine was responsable for "saving france and england
    Joan of Arc
  36. What was the war of the Roses
    Batle between noble families of britan
  37. Which families symbole was witch
    York was white and Landcaster was red
  38. What great writer was considered the father of modern english literature
    Geoffry Chaussure
  39. what language became dominant because of its use in literature
  40. who made the first translation of the bible
    John Wycliff
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