Medical terminology chapter 8

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  1. what are the 3 layers of the heart?
    • endocardium (endocardio)
    • myocardium (miocardio)
    • pericardium (pericardio)
  2. what are the 2 main arteries of the heart?
    • LCA-left coronary artery
    • (arteria coronaria izquierda)
    • RCA-right coronary artery
    • (arteria coronaria derecha)
  3. what are the 2 types of circulation?
    • pulmonary circulation
    • (circulación pulmonar)
    • systematic circulation
    • (circulación sistemática)
  4. what is the process of pulmonary circulation?
    • deoxigenated blood goes into:
    • venae cavae - R atrium - R ventricle - pulmonary artery
    • into the lungs for exchange of CO2 an O2
    • oxigenated blood goes into:
    • pulmonary veins - L atrium - L ventricle - aorta
  5. What are the division of the aorta?
    • ascending (ascendente)
    • arch (arco)
    • descending (descendiente)- thoracic- abdominal
  6. what are the ascending aorta divisions?
    what region supplies blood?
    • left coronary and right coronary
    • (coronaria izquierda y coronaria derecha)
    • supplies the myocardium
    • (miocardio)
  7. what are the divisions of the aortic arch?
    • brachiocephalic (braquiocefálico) -R subclavian -R common carotid
    • left common carotid (carótida común izquierda)
    • left subclavian (subclavia izquierda)
  8. what are the divisions of the thoracic aorta?
    • bronchials
    • esophageals
    • pericardials
    • intercostals
    • phrenics (diaphragm)
    • mediastinals
  9. what are the divisions of the abdominal aorta?
    • illeacs - femorals
    • celiac
    • superior and inferior mesenteric
    • suprarenals
    • gonadals (ovaries and testes)
    • phrenic
  10. what are the wall of arteries?
    • tunica adventitia/fibrious connective tissue
    • tunica media/circular smooth muscle
    • tunica intima:elastic fibers,basement membrane and endothelium
  11. what are the walls of the veins?
    • tunica adventitia/fribrious connective tissue
    • tunica media/circular smooth muscle
    • tunica intima:elastic fibers,basement membrane and endothelium
  12. what is the wall of capillaries?
    • endothelium
    • (endotelio)
  13. what are the chambers of the heart?
    (cámaras del corazón)
    • RA-right atrium
    • (aurícula derecha)
    • RV-right ventricle
    • (ventrículo derecho)
    • LA-left atrium
    • (aurícula izquierda)
    • LV-left ventricle
    • (ventrículo derecho)
  14. what are the valves of the heart?
    • aortic valve (válvula aórtica)
    • mitral or bicuspid valve (válvula mitral o bicúspide)
    • tricuspid valve (válvula tricúspide)
    • pulmonary valve (válvula pulmonar)
  15. what are the types of stroke (derrame)?
    • hemorrhagic (hemorrágico)
    • thrombotic (trombótico)
    • embolic or embolitic (embólico)
  16. what is the process of systematic circulation?
    • Oxigenated blood goes from:
    • heart to Aorta to arteries to arterioles to capillaries
    • oxigenated blood is provided to tissues and exchande for carbon dioxide to capillaries to venules to veins to superior and inferior venae cavae back to the heart
  17. what are the cardiac conduction system?
    • P wave-begin of cicle /atria contraction forcing blood into the ventricles
    • QRS waves- contraction of the ventricles forcing blood into the pulmonary and systemic circulation
    • T wave - relaxation of the heart
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