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  1. True or false: Artery pumps blood back into the heart?
    False: Artery = Away
  2. What are the 3 electrical systems in the heart?
    • SA node = Sinoatrial node
    • AV node = Atrioventricular node
    • Purkinje fibres
  3. What is it called where an artery turns to a vein?
    Capillary bed
  4. Name a few Cardiac issues?
    • Trauma - aortic disection, Cardiac Tamponade, Hypovolemia, Cardiac Contusion
    • Medical issues - Miocardial Infarction, AAA Abdominal Aortic anuerizm, Angina, Ateriosclerosis,Congestive Heart Failure, Stroke, Trans ischemic attack, Sepsis, Pericarditis.
  5. What is an MI?
    • - Miocardial Infarction
    • - death of heart tissue, result of vessel blockage
  6. What are some signs and symptoms of an MI?
    • - Pain (clutching of the chest)
    • - Reffered Pain (radiating) to the left arm, shoulder jaw.
    • - Rapid Breathing, and increased heart rate.
    • - irregular Pulse
    • - Described like bad indigestion
  7. What two things make you think MI?
    • 1. pain or discomfort in the chest/left arm/neck
    • 2. SOB
  8. Angina?
    • A temporary blockage around the heart, (fake MI)
    • MI is imminant (sooner or later), take to hospital
  9. Stroke?
    Blockage around the brain (MI of the brain)
  10. TIA?
    • Temporary blockage around the brain.
    • Stroke is imminant (sooner or later), take to hospital
  11. CHF?
    • Conjestive heart failure (Fluid in Lungs)
    • - usually smokers with COPD
    • - do not lay them down
  12. Sepsis?
    • - blood infection throughout body
    • - look like shit and stink
  13. Aortic Dissection?
    • Tearing of Aorta due to trauma
    • trauma version of Abdominal Aortic anurism
    • - good pulse above heart, poor pulse below heart
  14. Cardiac Tamponade
    • - sqeezing of heart due to swelling
    • - JVD is apparent
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