Brain and senses

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  1. What is in the hindbrain?
    medulla, reticular formation, locus coeruleus, cerebellum
  2. Medulla
    involuntary reactions
  3. Reticular formation
    cells that thread into the midbrain, alters activities for brain
  4. Locus coeruleus
    necleus in reticular formation, focus and attention
  5. Cerebellum
    memory, movement, impulse
  6. What is in the midbrain?
    substania nigra, striatum
  7. Substanuia nigra and striatum
    work together for smooth movement
  8. What is in the forebrain?
    thalamus, hypothalamus, suprachiasmatic nuclei, cerebrum
  9. Thalamus
    senses, make sense out of info
  10. Hypothalamus
    hunger, thrist, sex drive
  11. Suprachiasmatic nuclei
    in the hypothalamus, biological rhythym
  12. Cerebrum
    • amygdala- takes in more than 1 sensory info at a time
    • hippocampus- memory (remember the hippo)
  13. What is in the cerebral cortex?
    sensory cortex, motor cortex, association cortex
  14. Sensory cortex
    takes in senses
  15. Motor cortex
    in the frontal lobe, voluntary movement
  16. Association cortex
    receiving info from more than 1 sense
  17. Sympathetic
    fight or flight, molbolizes
  18. Parasympathetic
    energy conserving
  19. Pinna
    outside of the ear, collects sound
  20. Ear canal
    transports sound waves to inner ear
  21. Tympanic member (ear drum)
    match sound wave with a vibration
  22. Malleus (hammer)
    amplify sound (works together with incus and stapes)
  23. Incus (anvil)
    amplify sound (works together with malleus and stapes)
  24. Stapes (stirrup)
    amplify sound (works together with malleus and incus)
  25. Semi-circular canals
    further amplifies sound, sense of balance
  26. Aditory nerve
    info gets to brain to turn into sound that we hear
  27. Cochlea
    fluid filled with tiny hairs at its base, transduces vibrations to neural messages
  28. Dendrites
    recieve info and takes it to the cell
  29. Axon
    an extension from the nerve cell that carries info away from cell
  30. Synapse
    space between 2 neurons, communicate through chemical reactions
  31. Neurotransmitter
    chemical in the brain that makes a neuron carry out a specific function
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