2nd Midterm List

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  1. Greece Map 740 BCE
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    The Greek World began 1800 BCE, they did not have any physical unity. Everthing was open plains and rivers, most of Greece was made up of islands and mountains. Therefore, the Greek World evolved into fiercely independent nations called city states. The Greeks were ruled by Aristacracy similar to the Egypt and other civilizations.
  2. Who were the Greeks?
    They were an Amalgamation of different cultures ( Egyptians-Ancient Near East cultures). The reason so many cultures found mutual groun was because of the same language and sports.
  3. Greece (Archaic 600 BCE-480 BCE)
    Terms: Democracy, Humanism, smile(life), no contraposto
  4. Doric and Ionic styles of elevation 5.8
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    • The Doric is made up of three main parts: Metope, Stylobate, and Tiglyph.
    • The Doric column is made into two parts: Shaft and Capital but is one piece.
    • The Doric Column is more masculin than the Ionic Column.
    • The Ionic is made up conitunous frieze and has different volutes.
    • The Ionic Column is more feminen than the Doric Column.
  5. Calf Bearer 600 BCE
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    • Made Up of Marble
    • Archaic Period
    • Smile=Life not happiness (In contrast w/Egyptians)
  6. Kouros 540-525 BCE
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    • Made up of Marble
    • Shows male youth
    • Legs/Arms are free unlike the Egyptians
  7. Kore from Chois 520 BCE
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    • Made up of Marble
    • Chiton thin lien worn under heavier himation
    • First time to see movement in sculptures
  8. Dying Warrior 500 BCE
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    • From the West pediment of the Temple of Aphaia
    • Made of Marble
    • Archaic Period
  9. Herakles wrestling Antaios 510 BCE
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    • Attic red-figure krater
    • Archaic period
    • employes modeling
    • Hair and Muscles made of thing glaze
    • Has more depth
  10. Dancing Revelers 510 BCE
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    • Attic red-figure amphora
    • Archaic period
    • Foreshorttening
    • Artist is fascinated with drawing
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