Ch. 13

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  1. Lighting Art: 3D
    • front light 30-40 degrees
    • light a surface behind
  2. Lighting Art: Flat
    • o Uniform vs. Non Uniform
    • o 30 degree angle best
    • Minimizes shadow
    • Minimizes reflection
    • No shadow from viewer
  3. Lighting Art: Conservation
    • o Limit UV and Visible radiation
    • o Limiting light and heat
    • § Evaluate daylight exposure
    • White paint is good
    • § Evaluate electric light exposure
    • filter
    • May need UV filter
    • Lower footcandles
    • § Evaluate duration of exposure
    • Remember warmer light is better at lower levels
    • Reduce the level and length for success
  4. SC:
    spacing criterion, is the center to center distance between luminaries (provided by manufacturer)
  5. MH:
    mounting height calculated by subtracting 30” from the room height or source of light as in the case of a pendant fixture.
  6. S=MH X SC
    • o If a room has 10’ ceilings with recessed fixtures that are used as general ambient lighting how far apart the fixtures should be mounted to create even light levels around the room.
    • Wall height=10’
    • Mounting height= 7-6” (10’-2’6”)
    • Spacing Criterion= 1.5 (provided by the specs)
    • Space apart= MH (7.5) x SC (1.5) = 11’-3” (11.25)
  7. Individual unit, point source wall wash
    • o When spacing fixtures out from the wall, they should be placed parallel to wall and placed parallel to wall and places aprox. 1/3 the height of the wall
    • § Ex: If the wall is 10’ high the fixtures would be placed aprox. 3’ out

    • o Square rule is used for spacing fixtures side to side: centers of fixtures should be closer than or equal to distance from wall (see above) (remember Mrs. Cox’s drawing on white board)
    • § Ex: The fixture place at 3’ from
    • wall should be space no more than 3’ from each other.
  8. Continuous, linear, point source wall wash
    • o Spacing is similar to individual unit
    • o Mock ups are the best test
  9. Continuous, linear, diffuse source wall wash
    • o Fluorescent tube lamps work well but not uniform along the full height of the wall
    • o Use only on walls from 8’-10’ tall
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