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  1. Primary motor cortex
    • located in the frontal lobe of the brain
    • controls movements
  2. Sensory Cortex
    • located in the perietal lobe
    • manages all senses except for smell
  3. Perietal Lobe
    • regulates sensory information and sensation
    • temp
    • pressure
    • pain
    • everything but smell
  4. Frontal lobe
    • judgement
    • descision making
    • planning
    • personality
  5. Occipital Lobe
    • where visial information is processed
    • located in the back of the brain
  6. Temporal Lobe
    • Located on the sides of the brain
    • hearing and also tied to speech
  7. Brocca's Area
    • located in the LEFT frontal lobe
    • if damaged you can't really write or speak well at all causing expressive aphasia
  8. Wernike's Area
    • located in the LEFT temporal lobe
    • if damaged, one loses comprehension, causing reflective aphasia
  9. Reflective Aphasia
    • a loss of comprehension of language
    • through damage of wernike's area
  10. Expressive Aphasia
    • although still able to understand languse and information, one loses the ability to write or speak
    • through damage to Brocca's area
  11. Angular Gyrus
    • transforms visual info into auditory code
    • located in the LEFT perietal lobe
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