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  1. Bone cyst
    Fluid-filled cyst with wall of fibrous tissue
  2. Bursitis
    Inflammation of bursa
  3. Dislocation
    Displacement of bone from joint space
  4. Fracture
    Disruption in continuity of bone
  5. Bennett Fx
    Fracture at base of first metacarpal
  6. Boxer's Fx
    Fracture of metacarpal neck
  7. Colles Fx
    Fracture of distal radius with posterior (dorsal) displacement
  8. Smith Fx
    Fracture of distal radius with anterior (palmar) displacement
  9. Torus or buckle Fx
    Impacted fracture with bulging of periosteum
  10. Gout
    Hereditary form of arthritis in which uric acid is deposited in joints
  11. Joint effusion
    Accumulation of fluid in joint associated with underlying condition
  12. Osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease
    Form of arthritis marked by progressive cartilage deteroration in syniovial joints and vertebrate
  13. Osteomyelitis
    Inflamation of bone owing to pyogenic infection
  14. Osteoporosis
    Loss of bone density
  15. Osteopetrosis
    Increased density of atypically soft bone
  16. Rheumatoid arthritis
    Chronic, systemic, inflammatory collagen disease
  17. Chondrosarcoma
    Malignant tumor arising from cartilage cells
  18. Enchondroma
    Benign tumor consisting of cartilage
  19. Ewing sarcoma
    Malignant tumor of bone arising in medullary tissue
  20. Osteosarcoma
    Malignant, primary tumor of bone or cartilage for formation
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