posterior muscles

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  1. trapezius
    elevates and adducts scapula
  2. levator scapulae
    elevates and rotates scapula downward
  3. rhomboid minor
    elevates and adduts scapula
  4. rhomboid major
    elevates and adducts scapula
  5. supraspinatus
    abducts the arm
  6. infraspinatus
    latterally rotates arm
  7. latissimus dorsi
    extends, adducts the arm
  8. rhomboid minor
    laterally rotates extends arm
  9. teres minor
    latterally rotates, extends arm
  10. triceps brachii
    extends forearm and arm
  11. brachioradialis
    flexes forearm at elbow joint
  12. gluteus maximus
    extends and laterally rotates thigh
  13. gluteus medius
    abducts and medially rotates thigh
  14. palmaris longus
    weakly flexes the hand
  15. flexor digitorum superfficialis
    flexes middle and prximal phalanx of each finger and flexes hand
  16. flexor carpi ulnaris
    flexes and adducts hand
  17. pronator teres
    pronates and weakly flexes forearm
  18. biceps femoris
    • flexes leg at knee joint
    • extends thigh at hip joint
  19. semitendiosis
    • flexes leg at knee joint
    • extends thigh at hip joint
  20. semimembranosus
    • flexes leg at knee joint
    • extends thigh at hip joint
  21. adductor magnus
    adducts thigh at hip and rotates thigh
  22. gastrocnemius
    • plantar flexes foot
    • flexes at the knee
  23. soleus
    plantar flexes foot
  24. fibularis longus
    plantar flexes and everts foot
  25. fibularis brevis
    plantar flexes and everts foot
  26. calcaeal tendon
    attaches calf muscle to calcaeal
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