Medical Terminology

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  1. coronal plane(frontal plane)
    imaginary line dividing the body into fron and back sections
  2. sagittal plane(median plane)
    imaginary line dividing the body into left and right sections
  3. transverse plane(horizontal plane)
    imaginary line dividing the body into upper and lower sections
  4. body regions
    • abdominal,brachial, cephalic,cervical,crural,gluteal,pelvic,pubic,
    • thoracic, vertebral
  5. body cavities
    abdominal, abdominopelvic, cranial, mediastinum, pelvic pericardial, pleural, spinal, thoracic,
  6. pleura/peritoneum
    two-layered membrane which lines the cavities and encases the viscera
  7. parietal layer
    outer layer that lines the cavities
  8. visceral layer
    inner layer that lines the cavities
  9. anatomical position
    body standing, facing viewer, hands at side with palms facing viewer, thumbs pointing outward
  10. anatomical divisions
    nine regions:right hypochondriac, epigastric, left hypochondriac, right lumbar, umbilical, left lumbar,right iliac, hypogastric, left iliac
  11. clinical divisions
    right upper quadrant-RUQ; left upper quadrant-LUQ; right lower quadrant-RLQ; left lower quadrant-RLQ
  12. superior or cephalic
    more towards the head
  13. inferior or caudal
    more towrds the feet or tail(caudal means tail)
  14. anterior or ventral
    more towrds the front or belly side of the body
  15. posterior or dorsal
    more towards the back or spinal cord
  16. medial
    refers to the middle or near the middle of the body
  17. lateral
    towards the side of the body
  18. proximal
    located nearer to the point of attachment of the body
  19. distal
    located further away from the point of attachment of the body
  20. apex
    tip or summit of an organ
  21. base
    bottom or lower part of an organ
  22. superficial
    more towards the surface of the body
  23. deep
    towards the interior of the body, away from the surface
  24. supine
    the body lying horizontally and facing upward
  25. prone
    the body lying horizontally and facing downward

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