Medical Terminology

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  1. abrasion
    scraping of the skin surface by friction
  2. cicatrix
  3. comedo
    hardened sebum in hair follicle-blackhead
  4. contusion
    injury causing swelling, pain and bruising, skin unbroken, bruising is the result of blood pooling under skin
  5. cyanosis
    bluish tint to skincaused by deoxygenated blood
  6. depigmentation
    loss of normal skin color or pigment
  7. diaphoresis
    profuse sweating
  8. ecchymosis
    skin discoloration due to pooling blood-bruise
  9. erythema
    redness, or flushing, of the skin
  10. eschar
    thick layer of dead tissue and tissue fluid from a deep burn
  11. hirsutism
    excessive hair growth
  12. hyperemia
    redness of skin due to increased blood flow
  13. hyperpigmentation
    abnormal amount of pigmentation to skin
  14. keloid
    formation of raised and thickened hypertrophic scar after an injury or surgery
  15. keratosis
    any skin condition involving an overgrowth and thickening of the epidermis layer
  16. lesion
    general term for wound, injury or abnormality
  17. nevus
    pigmented skin blemish, birthmark or mole. Usually benign but may become cancerous
  18. pallor
    abnormal paleness to skin
  19. petechiae
    pinpoint hemorrhages under the skin
  20. puritis
    severe itching
  21. purpura
    hemorrhage into the skin due to fragile blood vessels-common in elderly
  22. purulent
    containing pus, or an infection that is producing pus
  23. suppurative
    containing or producing pus
  24. urticaria
    hives, skin eruptionof pale reddish wheals with severe itching
  25. verruca
  26. cyst
    fluid filled sac under the skin
  27. fissure
    crack-like lesion or groove on the skin
  28. laceration
    torn or jagged wound to the skin
  29. macule
    flat discolored area that is flush with skin surface-freckle or birthmark
  30. nodule
    firm solid mass of cells in the skin, and larger than .5 cm in diameter
  31. papule
    samll, solid circular raised spot on surface of skin, less than .5 cm in diameter
  32. pustule
    raised spot on skin containing pus
  33. ulcer
    open sore or lesionin skinor mucous membrane
  34. vesicle
    a blister
  35. wheal
    small round swollen area on skin-hives
  36. abscess
    collection of pus under the skin
  37. acne
    inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands and hair folliclesresulting in papules and pustules
  38. acne vulgaris
    common form of acne seen in teenagers, formed by comedos, papules, and pustules
  39. acne rosacea
    chronic form of acneinvolving redness, tiny pimples and broken blood vessels, primarily to the nose and cheeks
  40. albinism
    genetic condition, body unable to produce melanin, characterized by white hair and skin and red pupils
  41. basal cell carcinoma
    cancerous tumor of the basal cell layerof the epidermis-rarely metastasizes
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