Narcotics Control

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  1. What are informants?
    Persons have something, its beneficial to LE, we want it, they face personal risk

    Motivations: payment, reduction of criminal charges, or personal revenge
  2. citizen informant
    witness/victims to crimemotivation: good citizensno gain/reward is expctdTroubled by activity in their neighborhood, neighborhood watch member
  3. confident informant
    untested & providing info 4 the 1st timewant name withheldmotivation: goodwill or self serving
  4. confident reliable informant
    reliable & crediblewant name withheld for fear of retaliationreliable because prior info lead to arrest, seizure, or conviction.
  5. def informant
    basically working off a case or sometimes to eliminate their competition or rival gang , giving something for something, generally not paid but sometimes are
  6. anonymous informant
    refuses to identify themselves to LE, not reliable, motivation is difficult to prove, WE-TIP or telephonic reporting
  7. Minor Informant
    like defndnt informant but under 18 (over 13!) & needs crt order
  8. Juv informant
    under 18 NO GAIN, dont need crt order, must hav permission from parents, mant diff motivations
  9. unwitting informant (shreves fave)
    Dont know you're LE, consider motivation, S =good unwitting infrmnts, always doc that they are unwitting
  10. police buff informant (shreves least fave)
    • LE wanna be, wants/ wanted to be cop but coudnt cuz of physical, mental, criminal history problems
    • May lie, give false info to 'feel important'
  11. thrill seeker informant
    Gets way too involvedseeking adrenaline rush, can cause physical confrontations, Interfere with UC (undercover office)
  12. professional informant
    can be hazardous, motivation is $,dont cut corners with them!, know their level of integrity, snitch for a livingProblem: professional liars, wants to be your friend, wants something on you, can make you famous causing you to overlook flaws
  13. female informants
    many male cops get "done in" by female informants, never meet them alone, does her bf/husband know she's an infrmnt, false sex allagations against you, try to have a female officer w/ u.
  14. routes of administration
    • 1. Insufflation-nose
    • 2. inhalation-smoking (fastest 3-5 secs) 3.intravendously-injecting (5-10 mins)
    • 4. orally eating-pills, brownies (20-30 mins/faster for girls)
    • 5. contact-eyelids, vaginally, rectally, gums
  15. CNS
    • Central Nervous System:
    • brain,
    • spinal cord,
    • brain stem
  16. All drugs have a euphoric onset (feels good/rush), this is caused by....?
    Serotonin & Dopamine: chemicals that work in the brain to send signals of pleasure, mood stability
  17. What is the Reward Reinforcement Center?
    tells the brain (soft voice): what I just did, that felt good. Lets do that again.
  18. Tolerance
    the more it gets used to it the more you need
  19. What is the blood brain barrier & why do drugs get past it?
    • suppose to keep drugs out.
    • Drugs have a molecular structure similar to Serotonin & Dopamine
  20. Federal Analog
    when a drug is made better or changed because it was outlawed, it is automatically illegal also.
  21. DEA
    Drug Enforcement Agency
  22. Probable cause
    more than a hunch, less than beyond a reasonable doubt
  23. When can you search a car or house?
    • Warrant
    • Consent
    • Plain sight
    • Probation
    • Parole
    • Exigency
  24. Methanphetamine
    • -synthetically produced substance
    • -white, odorless, & bitter tasting
    • -CNS stimulant that users like because it produces "false energy", alertness, increased sexual drive, and is relatively in-expensive
  25. Manufactuing 3 steps:
    • Extract
    • Cook
    • Clean
  26. Dangers of meth labs
    • Toxic fumes
    • Explosiveness
    • Enviormental
  27. What is MSM powder?
    used to cut meth
  28. is possession of a meth pipe illegal?
    Possession of a meth pipe is not a crime, unless it has ANY meth in it
  29. Signs/symtoms of meth users
    • Pulse rate up
    • Pupil size is dialated
    • Pupil reation is slow
    • Rhomberg internal clock is fast
    • Cotton mouth
    • Anxiety
    • Bruxism
    • Fidgety
    • Paranoia
  30. how long do Amphetamines stay in the body?
    • urine up to 48 hrs
    • Blood up to 72 hrs
    • Hair 90 days
  31. Meth violation codes?
    • 11377(a) Possession
    • 11378 Possession for sales
    • 11379 Transport, furnish, give away
    • 11379.6 Manufacture
    • 11383(a)(c) Possession of precursors
  32. Meth cost of a pound?
  33. Meth cost of an ounce?
  34. 1/8 oz meth
    8 ball $240
  35. 1/16 oz of meth?
    teener 125-150
  36. 1/32 oz of meth?
  37. 1/4 gram of meth?
  38. Parts of S america where coca plant grows?
    • equador
    • columbia
    • bolivia
    • venenzuela
    • peru
  39. What is cocaine?
    • stimulant derived from Erythroxylum Coca plant
    • best known for its massive popularity in powered & freebase (crack) form
  40. What part of the coca plant is actually cocaine?
  41. 3 key ingredients in processing cocaine?
    gasoline, amonia, & sulfuric acid
  42. How is rock cocaine made?
    • Cook C in a mixture of baking soda & water
    • Mixture becomes hard when dried
    • Soap-like substance can then be cut into 'rock' or 'chips'
  43. Signs/ symtoms of cocaine?
    • Pulse rate up (normal 72 bpm)
    • Pupil size is dialated (normal 3.5-6.5)
    • Pupil reaction is slow (rebound dialation)
    • Rhomberg internal clock is fast
    • Cotton mouth
    • Seizure
    • Hallucinations
    • Coughing up pus, mucus, blood
    • Hoarseness
    • Tightened muscles
    • Vomiting
    • Fidgety
    • Bruxism (teeth grinding)
    • Trismas (jaw tightens)
  44. Codes for Cocaine?
    • 11350 Possession
    • 11351 Possession for sales
    • 11351.5 Possession of cocaine base (rock) for sales
    • 11352 Transportation or Sales
    • 11364 Possession of paraphernalia
  45. kilo of C?
  46. ounce of c?
  47. 1/4 ounce of c?
  48. gram of c?
  49. 1/4 gram of c?
  50. 1/10 gram of c?
  51. c stays in system....?
    • urine from 48 to 72 hrs
    • hair testing for up to 90 days
  52. 1 kilo of paste=_________ kilos of leaves?
  53. 1 kilo cocaine base=___________kilos of paste?
  54. When was cocaine first isolated?
  55. what percentage of c comes from south america?
  56. what act made cocaine illegal?
    Harrison act of 1914
  57. when did coca cola switch to decocanized leaves?
  58. when did crack become a nationwide problem?
  59. Name of early advocate who was blamed for spreading cocaine use?
    sigmund freud
  60. trade names of C?
    • coke
    • flakes
    • now
    • crack
    • freebase
    • work
    • yayo
    • yay
    • cavi
    • blow
    • white
    • snort
    • rock
    • chips
    • nose candy
    • hubby
    • cane
  61. Medical cocaine can be used for?
    As a local anestheticNumb the nasal passages, eyes,
  62. crack babies
    • constricts blood vessels, and thus blood & oxygen to the unborn fetus
    • can cause premature labor & uterine contradictions
  63. exposed crack babies can have:
    • congenital heart defects
    • lower birth weight
    • subject to seizures
    • Deformities
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