public speaking

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  1. List the seven elements in the communication process
    • -speaker
    • -message
    • -channel
    • -listener
    • -feedback
    • -interference
    • -situation
  2. List 2 ethical guidelines for ethical speaking in a public situation
    • -be fully prepared
    • -be honest
    • -put ethical principles into pratice
    • -avoid name calling and other forms of abusive language
  3. List 2 general purposes for public speaking
    to inform and to persuade
  4. list 3 guidelines that should be exhibited by an ethical listener in a public speaking situation
    • -be courteous and attentive
    • -Avoid prejudging the speaker
    • -maintain the free and open expression of ideas
  5. List the three main sections (parts) of a speech
    • -Introduction
    • -Body
    • -Conclusion
  6. In a complete sentence give the defination of specific purpose
    a specific purpose is a phrase that states what a speaker hopes to accomplish in his or her speech
  7. In a complete sentence give the defination of central idea
    a central idea is a sentence that sums up the major ideas of the speech.
  8. List the four methods of delivering speeches
    • -manuscript
    • -memory
    • -speaking imprompt
    • -speaking extemporaneous
  9. In a complete sentence give the defination of "extemporaneous speaking"
    • when speaking extemporaneous you
    • prepare,plan, and pratice.
  10. List four aspects to be considered when analyzing the audience
    • -age
    • -gender
    • -sexual orientation
    • -racial, ethics, cultural background
    • -religion
    • -group membership
  11. List the three different types of supporting materials
    • -examples
    • -statistic
    • -testimony
  12. List the four functions of the speech introduction
    • -attention getter
    • -reveal the topic/ find common ground
    • -establish credibility
    • -central idea
  13. List the two functions of the speech conclusion
    • -signal end
    • -summarize points
  14. List four major aspects of nonverbal communication that will affect the outcome of a speech
    • -personal apperance
    • -movement
    • -gesture
    • -eye contact
  15. What are the three aspects of effective use of gestures?
    • -appear natural and spontaneous
    • -help clarify and reinforce your ideas
    • -be suited to the aduience and occassion
  16. Name the ways effective speakers learn to control their voices to enhance the impact of their message
    • -rate
    • -pitch
    • -volume
    • -pause
    • -articulation
    • -fluenecy
  17. List four tips for effective speakers use of visual aids
    • -avoid using the chalk board
    • -display visual aid where listeners can see them
    • -avoid passing visual aid among the audience
    • -pratice with your visual aid
    • -display visual aid only while discussing them
  18. List three ways a speaker can establish credibilty
    • -research
    • -own experience
    • -effective delivery
  19. Name and give example for the five strategic orders for main points
    • -chronological order - time pattern
    • -spatial order - directional pattern
    • -causal order - cause and effect
    • -problem solving - the main point deals with an existance of a problem and the 2nd main point presents the solution to the problem
    • -topical - main points divide the topic into logical and consistent subtopics
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