Shoulder Rehab

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  1. What is a bankart lesion? When does it commonly occur? What is a bankart fracture?
    • -Detachment of the anterior glenoid labrum
    • -85% incidence in anterior dislocations
    • -Break off piece of glenoid
  2. What is a Hill-Sachs lesion?
    When does it commonly occur?
    • -Compression fracture or depression defect to the postero-superior aspect of the humeral head
    • -Often occurs with anterior dislocation and accompanied Bankart lesion
  3. Signs/symptoms of anterior dislocation
    • -Loss of rounded shoulder contour
    • -Prominent acromion
    • -Arm held locked in abd, slight ER
    • -All mvmts limited and painful
  4. Jobe's four P's of Rehab
    • 1) GH PROTECTORS: infra, teres minor, subscap, supra
    • 2) Scapular PIVOTERS: traps, serratus, levator, rhomboids
    • 3) Humeral POSITIONERS: Deltoid
    • 4) Humeral PROPELLERS: Lats and pecs
  5. Arthroscopic Bankart Procedure
    • -reattachment of capsule and/or labrum to glenoid rim
    • -if no rotator cuff tightening then shoulder ROM should not be affected
  6. Capsular shift
    • -Inferior capsular pouch tightened with an anterior repair if there is anterior/inferior instability
    • -Good results in athletes
  7. Thermal Capsulorraphy
    • -Thermal capsular "shrinking"
    • -Use lasers to heat lax joint capsule and cause collagen to shrink in length which tightens capsule
    • -Not suitable for hypermobile pts
    • -Long term outcomes not as good
  8. Bristow
    • -Transfer of coracoid (with conjoined tendons of biceps and coracobrachialis)
    • -Antero-medial restraint of shoulder
  9. Putti-Platt
    Subscapularis shortening
  10. Magnuson-Stack
    Transfer subscapularis tendon lateral to bicipital groove
  11. Half Moon Sign
    What does its absence indicate?
    • normal sign: medial border overlaps with glenoid fossa
    • -absence indicates post dislocation
  12. When might you see a reverse Hill-Sachs lesion?
    • -After a posterior shoulder dislocation
    • -(on anterior aspect of humerus)
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