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  1. Which of these is an independent country?
    a.) Martinique
    b.) Guadeloupe
    c.) Puerto Rico
    d.) Cayman Islands
    e.) Barbados
    E, pg. 521
  2. The Caribbean country or dependency with the largest population is:
    a.) Puerto Rico
    b.) Jamaica
    c.) Haiti
    d.) Cuba
    e.) Dominican Republic
    D, pg. 521
  3. The pampa is:
    a.) The large southern portion of Argentina
    b.) Located in extreme northwestern Columbia
    c.) A high plateau in Peru and Bolivia
    d.) An area of grasslands around the Orinoco River
    e.)Subtropical grasslands near Buenos Aires
    E, pg. 524
  4. Most of the smaller islands in the Caribbean Sea are made from:
    a.) Seashells
    b.) Coral
    c.) Limestone
    d.) Moraine
    e.) Volcanoes
    E, pg. 524
  5. The Amazon River rises in which country?
    a.) Columbia
    b.) Bolivia
    c.) Brazil
    d.) Peru
    e.) Ecuador
    D, pg. 525
  6. Lake Maracaibo is a large water feature in which country?
    a.) Argentina
    b.) Nicaragua
    c.) Peru
    d.) Mexico
    e.) Venezuela
    E, pg. 525
  7. What condition causes the extreme dryness of the Atacama Desert?
    a.) Shifting winds that parallel the coast
    b.) The rain shadow effect from the Rocky Mountains
    c.) Warm ocean currents offshore
    d.) Collapse of the bottled water industry
    e.) Rivers draining lake water
    A, pg. 527
  8. Why does fish catch off the western coast of South America decline during El Nino Soutern Oscillation events?
    a.) The severe drought conditions that persist over Peru in ENSO events leads to massive wildlife losses both onshore and off
    b.) The warmer Pacific waters flowing eastward towards South America are far less nutrient rich than the typical cold water currents
    c.) The increased flow of cold water from the Antarctic drives fish away from the coast to warmer waters
    d.) Fewer clouds form over land areas during ENSO events, which inhibit precipitation and nutrients do not get washed into the ocean from the land
    B, pg. 529
  9. Which of these statements about the Maya is false?
    a.) The maya left behind many stone monuments and a written language
    b.) Systems of astronomy, engineering, and mathematics were highly developed
    c.) Mayan agriculture was based upon maize, squash, beans, and chili peppers
    d.) The reasons for the decline of the Maya civilization are well understood today
    D, pg. 530
  10. Which of these cities, in 500 A.D., is thought to have had a population as large as London in the year 1500?
    a.) Cuzco
    b.) Tenochtitlan
    c.) Machu Picchu
    d.) Tikal
    e.) Teotihuacan
    E, pg. 531
  11. Mexico derives its name from Mexica, which was the name for themselves.
    a.) Aztec
    b.) Tarascan
    c.) Chibcha
    d.) Maya
    e.) Zacatec
    A, pg.531
  12. Which of these statements about the Inca is false?
    a.) The Inca were subjugated by the Spanish beginning in 1657
    b.) The inca had no writing system or paper but kept mathematical records in knotted ropes
    c.) The Incan empire stretched from Ecuador to central Chile at its height
    d.) The Inca constructed irrigation networks and terraces for agricultural use
    A, pg. 531
  13. Which of these conquistadors was identified with the Aztec go Quetzalcoatl?
    a.) Ponce de Leon
    b.) Diego Velazquez
    c.) Christopher Columbus
    d.) Hernando Cortes
    e.) Francisco Pizarro
    D, pg. 533
  14. Which of these agricultural products was not initially cultivated in the New World?
    a.) Tobacco
    b.) Cacao
    c.) Maize
    d.) Bananas
    e.) Potatoes
    D, pg. 533
  15. The term used to describe the racial blend of native and Spanish peoples is:
    a.) Campesino
    b.) Mestizo
    c.) Creole
    d.) Maquiladora
    e.) Mulatto
    B, pg. 535
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