Chapter 14

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  1. The Family as a System
    • Paul Watzlawick believes that individuals must be understood within the context of the family system.
    • Relationships are complex functions resembling equations linking multiple variables.
    • The axioms comprise the rules of the game.
    • Games are sequences of behavior governed by rules
    • Each family plays a one-of-a-kind game with homemade rules and creates its own reality
    • Watzlawick, Bavelas and Jackson present kep axioms describing the tentative calculus of human communication.
  2. Punctuation
    • Puctuation concerns how a person marks the beginning of an interpersonal interaction.
    • Punctuation becomes a problem when each person sees himself or herself as only reacting to, rather than provoking, a cyclical conflict.
  3. Axioms of Interpersonal Communication
    • family homeostasis is the tacit collusion of family members to maintain the status quo.
    • the only way to recognize this destructive resistance to change is to understand the axioms
    • one cannon not communicate
    • Communication is inevitable.
    • Communication=content + relationship
    • Every communication has a content and a relationship aspect such that the latter classifies the former.
    • Content is what is said
    • Relationship is how it is said
    • Metacommunication is communication about communication
    • Relationship messages are always the most important element in any communication, but when a family is in trouble, meatcommunication dominates.
    • Sick family relationships only get better when members are willing to engage in metacommunication.
  4. Reframing
    Changing the game by changing the rules
    • The processof altering punctuation and looking at things in a new light.
    • Destructive rules can be changed only when members analyze them from outside the system.
    • Accepting a new fram means rejecting the old one.
    • Adapting a new interpretive frame usually requires outside help.
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