English Words 21-40

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  1. Antics
    The crowd's antics was unacceptable when Mindless Behavior got off the stage.
    (Pl. n) Ridiculous and unpredictable behavior or actions
  2. Avowed
    Nicki Minaj avowed that she is not answering the question "How did you meet Lil Wayne" because she answered it too much.
    (Adj; part.) Declared openly and without shame. Acknowledged
  3. Banter
    Mindless Behavior banters each other all the time for fun.
    • (v.) To exchange playful remarks; tease.
    • (n.) Talk that is layful and teaser
  4. Bountiful
    Justin Bieber is very bountiful. He gives fans who dont have enough money to go to his concerts free tickets.
    (Adj.) Giving freely, generous, plentiful, given abundantly.
  5. Congested
    After eating a lot of food, I was congested.
    (Adj, part.) Overcrowded, filled, or occupied to excess.
  6. Detriment
    Ray Ray detrimented his arm after doing a dance move.
    (n.) Harm or loss, injury, damage, a disadvantage; a cause of harm, injury, loss, or damage.
  7. Durable
    The table was durable for more than 3 generations
    • (Adj.) Sturdy, not easily worn out or destroyed; lasting for a long time,
    • (n, pl.) Consumer goods used repeatedly over a series of years.
  8. Enterprising
    Mindless Behavior was very enterprising when they had a new choreographer and he wanted to see what they came up with on the spot.
    (.Adj.) Eneregtic, willing and able to start something new; showing boldness and imagination.
  9. Frugal
    Companies that make things out of recycled material are very frugal.
    (Adj.) Economical, avoid waste and luxury; scanty, poor, meager.
  10. Gingerly
    I was acting very gingerly when i was holding my baby cousin
    (Adj; adv.) With extreme care or caution.
  11. Glut
    There was a glut of Scream Tour flyers after the promo party.
    • (v.) To provide more than is needed or wanted; to feed or fill to the poiint of overstuffing.
    • (n.) an oversupply
  12. Incognito
    Princeton calls himself Mr. Fernando when he's incognito.
    • (Adj; adv.) In a disguised state, under an assumed name.
    • (n.) The state of being disguised or a person in disguise.
  13. Invalidate
    After going to the Scream Tour concert, the VIP passes were invalidated.
    (v.) To make valueless, take away all force or effect.
  14. Legendary
    Michael Jackson is a legendary singer/dancer/actor.
    (Adj.) Described in well know stories; existing in old old stories *legends* rather than in real life.
  15. Maim
    After the serious car crash, the man was maim for life.
    (v.) To cripple, disable
  16. Minimize
    In computer class, I had to minimize the website I wasnt supposesd to be on.
    (v.) To make as small as possible, make the least of, to make smaller than before.
  17. Oblique
    After being in so many tornados, the house was oblique.
    (Adj.) Slanting or sloping; not straight foward or direct.
  18. Veer
    When the turn was almost missed, I veered the car to the left quickly.
    (v.) To change direction or course, turn aside, shift.
  19. Venerate
    Team Mindless venerates Keisha, Walter, and Dave all the time for putting Mindless Behavior together.
    (v.) To regard with reverance, look up to with grate respect.
  20. Wanton
    Tyler the Creator is a wanton with no respect.
    • (Adj.) Reckless; heartless, unjustifiable; loose in morals.
    • (n.) A spoiled, pampered person; one with low morals.
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