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  1. Why was a king allowed to marry a second wife?
    If his wife was unable to produce an heir.
  2. How many children did Ramesses II father?
  3. How many years did Ramesses II reign?
    66 years
  4. What was the largest temple ever built?
  5. What year was King Tut's tomb found?
  6. Who discovere King Tut's tomb?
    Howard Carter?
  7. Why was this tomb so famous?
    All the items were inside and intact
  8. What is the capital of modern Egypt
  9. How tall was the Great Lighthouse?
    400 ft. and an ancient wonder of the world
  10. What was considered the life force of egypt?
    Nile river
  11. What does the word PHaraoh mean?
    Great house
  12. Which is the Greatest pyramid?
    Cheops {made with manpower}
  13. How many acres is the cheops' pyramid
  14. How long did cheops' pyramid take to build
  15. How long did the mummifying process take?
    70 years
  16. What animal ws often mummified?
  17. What is the largest standing sculpture in Egypt
    The Spinx
  18. What is the oldest pyramid
    step pyramid
  19. What did a pharaoh have to do to prove he was fit to be pharaoh
    run a long distance race
  20. How did ancient Egyptians get paid for wages?
    Beans and onions.
  21. What utensils did the Egptians eat with?
  22. What was the perfect age for an egyptian to attain
    110 years
  23. What was the main cause of toothe decay
    Sand in the bread
  24. What are hyroglyphics
    Writen Egyptian language consisting of symbols and characatures
  25. Explain Theatre in Ancient Egypt.
    They loved to sing and dance and they invented the harp. some plays would last weeks
  26. Explain dance of ancient egypt
    Dancers preformed religious rights to the gods
  27. Explain music of ancient egypt
    They invented the harp, they played double reed pipes
  28. What is a mastaba?
    A low flat tomb made of sun dried bricks
  29. What is a sarcophagus
    a stone coffin
  30. How did the soil of the nile river valley influenced the lives of the people in ancient egypt
    The soil was very fertile and would get flooded once a year
  31. When did the egyptian civilization develope along the banks of the nile, how long did it continue to exist
    3100 Bc, about 5000 years
  32. What were the tree historical periods of ancient egypt
    Old, Middle, and New Kingdomes
  33. Why were sculptures of the pharaoh created?
    so even if the body was destroyed the suld would have a vessel to journey in the after life
  34. How are the portraits of Akhenaton different from portraits of earlier pharaohs?
    Because it is a more realistic depiction of his features
  35. Describe the rules the egyptian artists wer required to follow when painting or sculpting a figure
    every part of the body must be shown from the most familar veiw
  36. What is the purpose of a false door painted on the wall of an egyptian tomb?
    Because the soul of the emporer was supposed to travel through the door to accept offerings
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