Nervous System

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Nervous System
2011-10-09 12:22:19
Nervous System

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  1. What is the functional unit of the system?
  2. What is it's anatomical parts of neuron and what are their functions?
    • Cell Body--> metabolism
    • Dendirite--> Carry info toward cell body
    • Axon--> carry info away from cell body
    • Axon Terminal--> contains neurotransmitter (NT)
  3. 3 Functional types of neurons, alternate names, and functions?
    Sensory (Afferent)--> receptor that responds to stimulus

    Motor(Efferent)--> carries out response

    • Association--> located between Sensory & Motor
    • --> higher functions
  4. What reproductive ability do neurons have?
  5. Requirements for Axon Regeneration
    • Peripheral location
    • cell body intact & functioning
    • unobstructed path
  6. What are tissue type, reproductive ability, and functions of neuroglial cells?
    • --> connective tissue
    • --> can reproduce
    • -->supports & protects neuron & mylein sheath insulates neuron
  7. What is Action Potential?
    Action potential is a change in potential that occurs if the membrane is depolarized from resting to threshold potential
  8. Action Potential role is?
    transfer information
  9. In order parts of Action Potential are:
    • Depolarization--> potential becomes more + high sodium inflow
    • Repolarization--> potential is more - due to Potassium out flow
    • Hyperpolarization--> potential is less than resting
    • Return to resting--> due to Sodium/Potassium pump
  10. 2 types of electrical transmission?
    Continuous & Saltatory
  11. List types of neurons in which electrical transmission occur & describe process involved in transmission for each & tell which is faster & why?
    • Continuous--> have unmyelinated fibers & action potential at all locations (proximal -> distal)
    • Saltatory--> myelinated fibers & action potential at nodes of Ranvier--> faster becase of myelinated
  12. Define synapse & neurotransmitter
    • Synapse--> is site of chemical transmission between a neuron and another structure
    • Neurotransmitter (NT)--> carries out the chemical transmission.
  13. What must happen to neurotransmitter after it's had it's effects?
    it must be removed