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  1. Etiology
    Study of the cause of diseases
  2. Incidence
    The number of new disease cases appearing in a particular population during a specific time
  3. Iatrogenic
    Results from adverse effects of treatment
  4. Endemic
    Given disease found in a lesser extent but continuously in a particular region; Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
  5. Epidemic
    Many people in a given region acquire a certain disease at the same time; flu virus
  6. Pandemic
    Many people in an entire country, continent or world acquire a disease
  7. Virulence
    Strength or potency of a pathogen to cause disease
  8. Obligate Intracellular Parasites
    Must grow within living cells, smaller than bacteria; chlamydia & rickettsiae
  9. Antiseptic
    Inhibits the growth of microorganisms; hand washing
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