Music Chp 6-10

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  1. Describe the Baroque culture
    Use of arts to celebrate the church and to support those in political power
  2. Terraced dynamics
    Loud to soft drastically
  3. Where did Opera begin and what time
    • Italy
    • 1600
  4. Name the society that started Opera
    Florentine Camerata
  5. What texture was monody
  6. Figured bass
    Musical shorthand
  7. Describe the instruments with Basso continuo
    • Bass instrument: Cello or Bassoon
    • Chordal instrument: Lute harpsichord or organ
  8. Which vocal style was speech-like, serving as a dialogue
  9. Early baroque operas were mainly what type of vocal style
  10. Describe the rhythm of Recitative
  11. Expansion of the arioso style
  12. Da capo aria form
  13. Two qualities of Aria vocal style
    • Song-like
    • Can stand alone outside of opera
  14. Considered the first master of the opera
    Claudio Monteverdi
  15. Which opera introduced opera as a major art form
    Orfeo (1607)
  16. Monteverdi's life expanded from the
    Renaissance into the Baroque
  17. libretto
  18. By what year did they have public opera houses
  19. Which english composer composed funeral music for Queen Mary
    Henry Purcell
  20. What opera was considered the first English opera
    Purcell's Dido and Aeneas
  21. What did Henry Purcell serve as
    Organist at Westminister Abbey and Chapel Royal
  22. Compared to Operas how long were cantatas
    Short: 20 minutes
  23. Describe the visuals of cantatas
    • No scenery
    • No costumes
  24. Who wrote the earliest surviving opera
    Jacopo Peri
  25. Cantata
    Dramatic work for solo voices, sometimes a small chorus and either basso continuo or a small orchestra
  26. What composer wrote the coffee cantata
  27. What piece was the closest Bach came to writing opera
    Coffee cantata
  28. Where was Bach from
  29. How many sacred cantatas did Bach compose
    Over 300 but only 195 were preserved
  30. Chorales began as
    Monophonic melodies also known as hymns
  31. What two Protestant reformers promoted chorales in the vernacular
    Luther and Calvin
  32. Bach was the first choice for employers
  33. Bach came from a multiple generation of musicians
  34. What is the difference between Oratorio and the Opera
    • There was no scenery or costumes in the Oratorio
    • Usually scared, Italian or Vernacular
  35. Which is longer the cantata or the oratorio
  36. Where was the Oratorio originally developed
  37. The development of the oratorio was a reaction to
    The Protestant Reformation by the Catholic church
  38. When was the Oratorio popular
    During Lent when operas were banned
  39. What was the oratorio intended to do
    Teach audiences based on Bible stories
  40. What did Handel's father want him to become
  41. Where does Handel go to study opera
  42. How long did it take for Handel to compose Messiah
    24 days
  43. How many movements did the Messiah have
  44. The majority of the text for the Messiah was from
    The old testament
  45. Has become one of the most celebrated works in the Western world
  46. What style did the Messiah use
    French Overture
  47. Describe the Early baroque passion
    • Heinrich Schutz
    • Based entirely on texts from Biblical gospels
    • Short compositions, performed during holy week
  48. Describe the Late Baroque passion
    • Bach
    • Included biblical and non-biblical texts
    • Lengthy compositions
    • St. Matthews (21/2 hours long)
  49. What group of instruments were the most important during the Baroque period
    Stringed instruments
  50. What family was considered great violin makers
    Stradivari family
  51. Basic keyboard instruments
    Organ and the harpsichord
  52. Three keyboard pieces
    • Toccata
    • Fantasia
    • Prelude
  53. Toccata
    • Scale passages
    • Runs
    • Trills
  54. Fantasia
    Displays of virtuosity
  55. Prelude
    Free form and improvisatory
  56. Three keyboard pieces were used as introductions to
    The Fugue
  57. A fugue is based on what texture
  58. The melody of the fugue is called the
  59. Who wrote the Art of the Fugue
  60. Chorale
    German hymn often used as a unifying theme for a cantata
  61. Performed as an introduction to a religious service
    Chorale Prelude
  62. Sonata for the church
    Sonata da chiesa
  63. Sonata
    Instrumental pieces that varied greatly in structure, character and the number and types of instruments
  64. Elisabeth-claude Jacquet de la Guerre
    • Child prodigy
    • King Louis XIV supported her musical education
  65. Originally orchestras only consisted of only
    bowed stringed instruments
  66. Handel composed water music for
    King George II
  67. Performance of water music didn't include what instrument
  68. Concerto grosso
    Small solo group and orchestra
  69. Solo concerto
    Solo instrument and orchestra
  70. 3 movement structure
    Fast slow fast
  71. Concertino
    The concerto grosso in which a small group of instruments
  72. Ripieno
    Concerto grosso : Full orchestra
  73. Vivaldi's best known work
    Four seasons
  74. The four seasons is an early example of
    baroque program music
  75. Known as the Red Priest
    Antonio Vivaldi
  76. What did Antonio Vivaldi work as
    A violin teacher at a girls orphanage
  77. Bach completed six works dedicated to who
    Christian Ludwig, the Margave of Brandenburg
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