psyc ch 3

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  1. blastocyst
    a fluid filled ball
  2. embryonic disk
    cells inside the blastocyst, that will become the new organism
  3. trophoblast
    the thin outer ring of cells, that will become the structures that provide protective covering and nourishment
  4. implantation
    between 7 and 9 days the blastocyst burrows deep into the uterine lining
  5. amnion
    a membrane that encloses the developing organism in amniotic fluid
  6. amniotic fluid
    helps keep the temperature of the prenatal world constant and provides a cushion against any jolts caused by a womans movement
  7. chorion
    protective membrane which surrounds the amnion from which tiny finger like blood vessels emerge
  8. placenta
    brings the mothers and the embryos blood close together it permits food and oxygen to reach the developing organism and waste products to be carried away
  9. umbilical cord
    first appears as a primitive body stalk and during the course of pregnancy, grows to a length of 1 to 3 feet, it contains one large vein that delivers blood loaded with nutrients and two arteries that remove waste
  10. period of the embryo
    lasts from implantation through the eighth week of pregnancy. During these six weeks the most rapid prenatal changes take place as the groundwork is laid for all body structures and internal organs
  11. neural tube
    spinal cord at 3.5 weeks the top swells to form the brain
  12. period of the fetus
    from the 9th week to the end of pregnancy, the developing organism increases rapidly in size especially from the ninth to twentieth week
  13. vernix
    white cheeselike substance that protects the skin from chapping in the amniotic fluid
  14. lanugo
    white downy hair that appears over the entire body and helps the vernix stick to the skin
  15. age of viability
    the point at which the baby can first survive ... sometime between 22 and 26 weeks
  16. teratogen
    any environmental agent that causes damage during the prenatal period
  17. Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
    a term that encompasses a range of physical, mental and behavioral outcomes caused by prenatal alcohol exposure
  18. Fetal alcohol syndrom
    • slow physical growth
    • thin upper lip
    • brain injury
  19. Alcohol related neurodevelopmental disorder
    in which at least three areas of mental functioning are impaired despite typical physical growth and absence of facial abnormalities
  20. Rh factor incompatibility
    when mother and fetuses blood type doesn't match
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