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  1. Given the information in Scenario A, which of the following elements of the macroenvironment was part of Alice's findings?
  2. When Alice read the survey of regional businesses, she was investigating
    he competitive environment.
  3. Findings 1 and 3 are both associated with the
    competitive environment as described by Porter.
  4. Finding 2 is most closely associated with which element of the macroenvironment?
    Laws and regulations
  5. The analysis of the competitive environment that you have conducted utilized the work of
    Michael Porter.
  6. The information that you have collected in your competitive analysis can be referred to as
    competitive intelligence
  7. The existence of savvy customers in an industry is an indication of
    high bargaining power of customers.
  8. The fact that it will require such a large capital investment to start a new casino is an example of which of the following factors?
    Low threat of new entrants
  9. The photo of the fire is an example of a
  10. When the new employees are told of the organization's great accomplishments and history, it is an example of a(n)
  11. The culture at Smash Marketing can best be described as a(n)
    group culture
  12. Based on the information in the above scenario, which of the following outcomes would you most expect if business dropped off dramatically for Smash Marketing
    The members of the entire company would agree that they should each cut their hours by 15% so that no one is laid off.
  13. When predicting the costs for her company, Margarita is engaging in
  14. The research method used by Margarita is called
    competitive intelligence.
  15. The spreadsheet that Margarita uses gives her a chance to use
    scenario development.
  16. Margarita and her team are using __________ when they learn from Good Cans about its canning process.
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