09/27/11 (X-Ray) Properties of X-Rays

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  1. X-Rays can’t be seen, felt, tasted, heard or perceived by our senses.
  2. X-Rays are highly penetrating.
  3. X-Rays are electrically Neutral (No charge).
  4. X-Rays are heterogeneous (hetero = different) & polyenergetic (poly = many)
  5. X-Rays travel in straight lines & diverge (spread out like headlights on car) from their source toward surface.
  6. X-Rays can’t be funneled or focused by a Lens (No bouncing).
  7. X-Rays travel at the Speed of Light which is 186,000
    miles per second (mps).
  8. X-Rays cause certain crystal material to fluoresce (give light)
  9. X-Rays affect photographic film
  10. X-Rays can produce biological effects
  11. X-Rays cause secondary & scatter radiation.
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09/27/11 (X-Ray) Properties of X-Rays
09/27/11 (X-Ray) Properties of X-Rays
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