5th Grade Vocab. Cede, Ceed, Cess=go; yield

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  1. accessible
    able to go in to, enter, or approach
  2. accessory
    an article or item worn with an outfit that "goes with" or matches the outfit
  3. concede
    to yield to an opponent that one has lost; to give in
  4. exceed
    to go or be beyond the limit or expectations
  5. intercede
    to mediate; to go between people to help them reach an agreement
  6. precede
    to go before somthing else in time, order, place, or rank
  7. proceed
    to keep on going
  8. recede
    to go or move back
  9. recess
    the time during which people go out to take a break
  10. successor
    a person who goes after someone else (usually after a job)

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5th Grade Vocab. Cede, Ceed, Cess=go; yield
2010-03-16 01:46:04
Cede Ceed Cess = go yield

Cede, ceed, Cess = go; yield
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