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  1. What is a space maintainer?
    maintains space for a permanent tooth to come in
  2. Lentulo Spiral
    a twisted wire instrument used in the low-speed handpiece to spin sealer, cements, or calcium hydroxide pastes into the canal
  3. Broaches
    • have tiny fishhook-like barbs along the shaft
    • they are used to remove the bulk of the pulp tissue
    • also useful for removing fragments of paper points that become lodged in the canal
    • NOT used to shape or enlarge canal
  4. Gates-Glidden Bur
    • football shaped bur
    • used on low handpiece
    • has a very long shank with a latch-type attachment that is opertated in a clockwise direction
    • NOT end cutting; cutting edge is only on the side of the bur
  5. Necrosis
    • AKA necrotic or nonvital
    • tooth does not respond to sensory stimulus
  6. Who is licensed to perform an Endo treatment?
    Endodontist and a Dentist
  7. Control tooth
    • provides dentist with a comparison of a healthy tooth with the level of sensitivity of an infected tooth
    • A healthy tooth, of the same type, in the opposite quadrant is selected
    • Maxillary right first premolar = suspect tooth; therefore maxillary left first premolar = control tooth
  8. Percussion test
    tapping on the incisal or occlusal surface with a mouth mirror handle provides the dentist with the ability to determine whether the inflammation process has extended into the periapical tissue.
  9. Palpation test
    dentist applies firm pressure to the mucosa above the apex of the root. This helps the dentist determine whether the inflammation process has extended into the periapical tissue.
  10. Sodium Hypochlorite =
    household bleach!
  11. Irreversible pulpitis
    if bacteria exists in the pulp; makes endodontic treatment or extraction necessary
  12. Reversible pulpitas
    if the decay is close to the pulp but has not penetrated it
  13. RCT sealers/ cements:
    • calcium hydroxide, zinc-oxide eugenol, glass ionomer
    • must have very little shrinkage
    • must be easy to place
    • radiopaque for detection in a radiograph
    • nonstaining to teeth
    • bacteriostatic
    • gentle on periapical tissue
    • able to resist moisture
    • Formocresol- mixture of formaldehyde and cresol; also used as a sealer
  14. Rubber stop:
    stops perferation of the apex
  15. Endodontist
    • involved with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders of the dental pulp; RCT
    • treatment does not include placement of final restoration to return tooth to its full function
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