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  1. Shorten & pull on the bones they are attached to
    Skeletal muscles
  2. The bone that does not move when muscle shortens (normally proximal)
  3. The movable bone
  4. Skeletal muscle fibers are arranged within a muscle in bundles called _________
  5. The result of several muscles working at the same time
  6. Most muscles are arranged in _______ _____ at joints
    Opposing Pairs
  7. Contracts to cause the desired action
    • Prime mover or
    • Agonist
  8. Stretches and yields to prime mover
  9. Assist prime movers
  10. Stabilize the origin of the prime mover
  11. How are Skeletal Muscles Named
    • 1. Direction the muscle fibers run
    • 2. Size
    • 3. shape
    • 4. Action
    • 5. Number of origins or locations
  12. Facial Muscles:
    Furrows the brow
  13. Facial Muscle:
    Closes the eye
    Orbicularis oculi
  14. Facial Muscle:
    Puckers the lips
  15. Facial Muscle:
    Assists smiling
  16. Facial Muscle:
    Assists whistling, blowing, sucking and chewing
  17. Facial Muscle:
  18. Facial Muscle:
    Retract the mandible
    Wiggle your ears
  19. Neck Muscle:
    Arises from sternum & clavicle
    Inserts onto mastoid process of skull
    Sternocleidomastoid muscle
  20. Neck Muscle:
    Contraction of one, laterally flexes the neck and rotates face in opposite direction
    Sternocleidomastoid muscle
  21. Neck Muscle
    posterior, extends the neck
  22. Breathing Muscles:
    Breathing requires a change in the size of the _____
  23. Breathing Muscles:
    During inspiration _____ _____ increases in size
    thoracic cavity
  24. Breathing:
    During inspiration-What lifts the ribs?
    External Intercostals
  25. Breathing Muscles:
    During inspiration - What contracts?
    Diagphragm (Dome is flattened)
  26. Breathing Muscle:
    During expiration-What decreases in size?
    Thoracic cavity
  27. Breathing Muscle:
    During expiration-What relaxes?
    Muscles of inspiration
  28. Abdominal Wall Muscles
    • 1. External and internal obliques
    • 2. Retus
    • 3. Transversus abdominus
  29. Vertebrae moving muscles:
    What fibers run longitudinally?
    Erector spinae
  30. What are the 3 groupings of the erector spinae
    • 1.Spinalis
    • 2. Iliocostalis
    • 3. Longissimus
  31. What extends the vertebral column?
  32. Stabilizing the Pectoral Girdle:
    Serratus anterior extends from ribs to inner surface of scapula (lowers shoulder)
    Anterior thoracic muscles
  33. Stabilizing the Pectoral Girdle:
    Trapezius extends from skull & vertebrae to clavicle & scapula (elevates the shoulder
    Posterior thoracic muscle
  34. What muscles move the arm?
    Extend from body wall to humerus.
    • 1. Pectoralis major (adducts)
    • 2. Latissimus dorsi (extends)
  35. Muscles that move the arm:
    1. Arises from acromion & spine of scapula
    2. Inserts on arm
    3. Abducts, flexes & extends arm
  36. Cross anterior surface of elbow joint & form flexor muscle compartmen
    Flexors of the forearm (elbow)
  37. Two heads (scapula and coracoid process)
    Biceps brachii
  38. Flexors of the forearm:
    Humerus to ulna
    Flexes the forearm
  39. Cross posterior surface of elbow joint & forms extensor muscle compartment

    Extensors of the forearm (Elbow)
  40. Long head arises scapula
    Medial & lateral heads from humerus
    Triceps brachii
  41. Inserts on ulna
    Extends forearm
    Triceps brachii
  42. Muscles of the Forearm:
    Origin-humerus and insertion –radius
    Flexes the forearm
  43. Muscles of the forearm:
    Plays a role in pronationand supination of the hand
  44. Muscles that move the thigh:
    Gluteus muscles
  45. Extends thigh at the hip
  46. Abducts thigh
    • Medius
    • Minimus
  47. What flexes thigh at hip?
    Iliopsoas (iliacus and psoas)
  48. Arises lumbar vertebrae & ilium
    Inserts on femus
  49. Where does the adductor group of thigh muscle extend from?
    pelvis to posterior surface of femur
  50. Name the Adductor group of muscle
    • 1. Adductor longus
    • 2. Adductor brevis
    • 3. Adductor magnus
    • 4. Gracili
  51. Name the 4 heads of the quadriceps femoris
    • 1. Rectus femoris
    • 2. Vastus lateralis
    • 3. Vastus medialis
    • 4. Vastus intermedius
  52. What do the 4 heads fo the quadriceps femoris do?
    All act to extend the leg
  53. Crosses hip joint medially
    Extends leg
  54. What flexor muscles of the leg are composed of the: Semimembranosus (medial)
    Semitendinosus (medial)
    Biceps femoris (lateral)
    Hamstring muscles
  55. What muscles extend hip and flex knee?
    Hamstring muscles
  56. Tear of origin of muscles from ischial tuberosity
    Pulled hamstring
  57. Muscles of the Leg (Crural):
    Anterior compartment of leg
    tibialis anterior (dorsiflexion)
  58. Muscles of the leg (Crural):
    Lateral compartment of leg
    Peroneus longus (eversion)
  59. Pain or soreness on anterior tibia
    Running on hard surfaces
    Tearing of tendinous insertions into tibia
    Shinsplits syndrome
  60. Muscles of the Calf (Sural):
    What muscles insert onto calcaneus (Achilles tendon)
    • 1. Gastrocnemius (plantar flexion)
    • 2. Soleus (plantar flexion)
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