1001 Exam 2 Pt. 3

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  1. pliers with adjustable pivot points that provides two ranges of jaw openings; used for clamping, gripping, bending, and cutting light wire
    Slip-Joint Pliers
  2. pliers available in a number of configurations to fit a variety of shapes; used to grasp, lock, and hold almost any object
    Locking "Vise-Grip" Pliers
  3. Pliers useful for holding small objects in hard-to-reach locations
    Needle-nose pliers
  4. used by electricians to cut soft wire
    Diagonal cutters
  5. used to tighten nuts and bolts
  6. wrench with adjustable end; has smooth jaws that adapt to fit any small- to medium-sized nut
    Crescent wrench
  7. nonadjustable wrench with smooth jaws; designed to fit specific nuts
    Open-end wrench
  8. nonadjustable wrench with a closed, toothed head that must be fit over the nut
    Box-end wrench
  9. hexagonal cross-section used to drive bolts and screws that have a hexagonal socket in the head
    Allen wrench
  10. handle used with sockets that allows tightening and loosening of nuts; useful for working in confined spaces
    Ratchet handle
  11. cylindrical wrenches used with a ratchet handle--9/16", 1/2", and 7/16" are most common sizes used in theatre)
  12. uses a spring-driven piston to drive staples; used for attaching muslin to flat frames and frabric to furniture, and for similar jobs
    Staple gun (T-50)
  13. round metal bar with flat metal claws similar to those on a claw or rip hammer on one end and a tapered wedge on the other; used to pry wood apart and remove nails
    crowbar or wrecking bar
  14. small crowbar with many practical applications; Jim's favorite
  15. tool for extracting nails that have been driven flush with the surface of the wood; the sliding handle is used as both a hammer to drive the jaws into the wood and a lever to pull the nail out
    Nail Puller (or Cat's Paw)
  16. an adjustable frame handsaw with an extremely fine-toothed replaceable blade; used for cutting metal
  17. scissorlike tools used for cutting thin metal
    tin snips
  18. similar to the monkey wrench; it has serrated jaws to bite into the soft metal of pipes; used for holding or twisting pipes and their associated couplings
    pipe wrench
  19. chisel made of hard steel; used for cutting or shearing mild steel and nonferrous metals
    Cold chisel
  20. hammer made of hardened steel with a round ball on the back of its head; used for bending and shaping metal and seating rivets
    Ball peen hammer
  21. clamp composed of a U-shaped frame with a threaded shaft; work is clamped between a pressure plate at one end of the U and the toe of the shaft; used for a wide variety of jobs, such as holding work together while parts are being assembled or while glue joints are drying
    "C" Clamp
  22. similar to a pipe clamp, except a notched bar is substituted for the pipe
    Bar clamp
  23. threaded pipe with a movable endplate and an adjustable head plate; used for clamping furniture frames and similar wide objects
    Pipe clamp
  24. versatile tool used in furniture construction; the two jaws can be adjusted to a wide variety of angles to keep furniture frames together while the glued joints are drying
    Wood clamp
  25. use a coil spring wound around the scissor axle to hold their jaws shut; used to temporarily hold objects together while their glue joints dry
    Spring clamp
  26. All used for eye protection
    Glasses, goggles, face shield
  27. Used for hearing protection and "noise abatement"
    earmuffs or earplugs
  28. mask covering the nose and mouth that filters out gases as well as particulate matter
  29. device covering the nose and mouth that filters particulate matter from the air
    Particle mask
  30. Many different kinds, used for hand protection
  31. to be worn on head when there is any danger of something being dropped from above the stage floor
    Hard hats
  32. OSHA-required fire abater
    Fire extinguisher
  33. Seven safety tips for operating power tools
    • Wear Eye protection
    • Tie back or secure long hair
    • No baggy clothing, neckties, or jewelry around power tools
    • Pay attention to your work and maintain your balance
    • Keep hands away from operating blades and belts
    • Use a push stick when feeding small pieces in to the table saw
    • Be sure to unplug tool before changing blades or bits
  34. Used to drill holes and drive screws; can have variable speed and reverse controls; corded or cordless
    Electric hand drill
  35. paddle-shaped bits designed to use in wood; require high speed rotation to do work
    Spade bits (or wood bits)
  36. Common bits that can be used in either wood or metal
    Twist-Drill bits
  37. bore precise, flat-bottomed holes in wood, in any orientation with respect to the wood grain
    Forstner bit
  38. saw-toothed cylinders of hardened steel with a drill bit in the center that is used to center the saw in the work
  39. saw that uses a reciprocating action with stiff, narrow blades to make curvilinear cuts; has variable speed; has blades for wood, metals, and plastics
    Saber Saw
  40. portable saw that is used for straight-line cross cutting and angle cutting as well as ripping of stock lumber, plywood, and composition board
    Circular Saw
  41. Also known as "Sawzall," this is used for very rough cutting of just about anything; often used for demolition jobs and strike
    Reciprocating Saw
  42. handheld tool used for cutting, grinding, and polishing; can remove excess material or simply cut into a piece
    Angle Grinder
  43. portable power tool that uses a chisel-like rotating bit to shape or carve the surface or edge of the piece of wood; primarily used for shaping decorative moldings and trim pieces
  44. power saw with reciprocating blade mounted in a swiveling head; available with a variety of blades to make intricate curvilinear cuts in materials ranging from fabric to wood, paper, and plastic
    Cut awl
  45. heats stick of adhesive to make rapid-hold bonds on a wide range of materials
    Hot-glue gun
  46. uses a seamless loop of sandpaper to finish wood
    belt sander
  47. hand-held sander that vibrates in small circles or orbits
    Orbital sander
  48. any type of sawing machine that cuts sheets into sized parts
    Panel Saw
  49. circular blade projecting through a slot in a table; primarily used for ripping lumber
    Table saw
  50. circular-bladed stationary power saw; the motor and blade are suspended from an arm above a table, the height and angle of which are adjustable; primarily used for cross and angle cutting
    Radial Arm Saw
  51. circular saw blade attached to the end of an arm that pivots up and down; also pivots to allow angle cuts
    Power miter box (Chop Saw)
  52. Slides back and forth like a radial-arm saw, but pivots up and down rotates side to side like a chop saw
    Combination Miter Saw
  53. stationary power saw used to make curvilinear cuts
  54. similar to band saws, except the saw blade is not in a continuous loop, but instead operates with a reciprocating vertical motion
    Scroll Saw
  55. mounted sander that is used to bevel or smooth surface or edges of wood and some plastics
    Stationary Belt Sander
  56. power tool that rapidly spins wood so that it can be carved with the use of special chisels
    Wood lathe
  57. Produces a very hot flame capable of melting most metal (oxygen + acetylene)
    Oxyacetylene Torch
  58. Creates an electrical arc that melts the metals being welded
    Arc Welder
  59. Arc welder that focuses a flow of inert gas on the welding zone as the weld is being made
    MIG Welder (Metal Insert Gas)
  60. trigger-operated, rapid-heating device used to heat solder to its melting point
    Soldering gun
  61. Larger version of the soldering pencil
    Soldering Iron
  62. small battle of propane gas and a nozzle, designed to produce different flame shapes; sufficient for soldering most heavy-duty scenic jobs
    Propane Torch
  63. used for grinding and polishing metal
    Bench grinder
  64. These tools require a compressor to operatre
  65. uses air pressure to drive narrow crown or wide crown staples
    Pneumatic Stapler
  66. Uses air pressure to drive clips of coated nails
    Pneumatic Nail Gun
  67. Uses air pressure to quickly tighten or loosen nuts
    Impact Wrench
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