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  1. Define sensation
    sensation is awarness of the environment
  2. Define adaptation
    Adaptation is when receptors respond less to prolonged stimulation
  3. Define pain
    Pain is an unpleasant sensation due to real or potential damage
  4. Define proprioception
    Proprioception is subconscious awarness of body position
  5. Define olfaction
    Olfaction is smell
  6. Define gustation
    Gustation is taste
  7. Define audition
    Audition is hearing
  8. 1.What senses are not subject to adaptation?

    2. Why is this desireable?
    •, pain and proprioception(subconscious awareness of body position)

    2. for survival
  9. List General Senses & receptor type that serve each one
    • Touch-->mechanoreceptor
    • Temperature sensation--> thermoreceptors
    • Pain--> nociceptor
    • Proprioception--> proprioceptor
  10. List Special senses & receptor type
    • Olfcation(smell)--> chemoreceptors
    • Gustation(taste)--> chemoreceptors
    • Vision--> photoreceptor
    • Audition(hearing)--> mechanoreceptors& proprioceptor
  11. What is the purpose of pain?
  12. Location & function of cornea?
    Cornea is located anterior transparent and it refract light
  13. Location & function of aqueous humor?
    Aqueous humor is located in anterior cavity and it nourish cornea & lens
  14. Location & function of iris?
    The iris is located anterior to lens and it regulates light passage through pupil
  15. Location & function of lens?
    Lens is posterior to iris & pupil & it refracts(bends) light to focus image on retina
  16. Location & function of vitreous humor?
    Vitreous humor is in posterior cavity & it maintains eye shape
  17. Location & function of choroid?
    Choroid is located between sclera & retina and provides oxygen and nourishment to the outer layers of the retina.
  18. Location & function of retina?
    Retina is located in the innner posterior layer & it makes image formation
  19. What is accommodation and what is it's purpose?
    Accommodation is the buldging of lens. It's purpose is to focus near objects.
  20. What is photopigment? Two structures that contain it?
    Photopigment is molecule that absorbs light, changes structure, and produces a potential (impulse).

    Rod and Cone
    contain photopigment
  21. Functions of rod & cone photoreceptor neurons?
    • Rod photoreceptor neuron-->dark vision & shape detection
    • Cone photoreceptor neuron--> light vision, sharpness, color
  22. Three major divisions of the ear & structures within each one?
    • Outer Ear--> pinna-->ext. auditory canal
    • Middle Ear--> tympanic membrane--> ossicles
    • Inner Ear--> cochlea & vestibule & semicircular canals
  23. What is the function of the tympanic membrane and ossicles?
    amplifies sound
  24. What senses are mediated by cochlea, vestibule, and semicircular canals?
    • Cochlea--> hearing
    • Vestibule & semicircular canals--> balance
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